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Flow Control

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SPDY has a flow control mechanism; we need to review this and consider whether we need flow control at all, whether this is the right approach, whether we should accommodate pluggable flow control, etc.

Gabriel et al have done a draft discussing initial considerations and proposing a framework for the discussion:

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Discussion in Atlanta:

gabriel montenegro (gm) -- flow control principles for http 2

hildjj: we need TSV help for this part.

roy: init exchange over tcp, client begins; with this do you expect server to send anything first wrt state?

gm: in spdy there's default 64k per stream

rp: basically need default for safety reasons, but a better FC mech than spdy3 exists, hopefully will be proposed, can make larger than 64k by defualt

ted hardie(th): what impact if doing multipath tcp under this?

gm: yes need to figure out interaction with newish tcp stuff under it

mnot: is FC tightly bound to what xport's properties are?

gm: yes


jhil: we need early involvement by transport folks, don't wanna make buffer bloat worse

rp: don't think that's possible

will chan (wc): would hope that FC in http/2 doesn't subvert xport FC; want to make sure we saturate link; this should be one of the principles

gm: thinks link saturation depends on how the work; don't have to solve now

alison mankin (am): if receiver has FC turned off by intermediary, that messes stuff up.

gm: but receiver controls it for his hop. is concerned about middleboxes at http layer; at that layer the proxy has to heed what endpoint (receiver) wishes. still concerned on traps that may be there

rp: there's finite buffering available for entire path length; if receiver says stop, it'll stop eventually; but as soon as an intermediate is in the path, they have influence on FC

gm: we need to codify the rules in the base spec

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