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(edit) @119   14 years julian.reschke Start work on splitting references into "Normative" and "Informative" …
(edit) @117   14 years julian.reschke Adjust introductions to the Header Field Definitions sections.
(edit) @116   14 years julian.reschke Add information about changes since -00.
(edit) @115   14 years julian.reschke Add templates for Changes sections throughout, remove intro specific …
(edit) @113   14 years julian.reschke Use canonical URLs for links to
(edit) @101   14 years julian.reschke add XSLT processing instructions for preview in browsers
(edit) @99   14 years julian.reschke Use consistent "Changes" sections throughout.
(edit) @97   14 years julian.reschke Cleanup references after switch to symbolic references (removing …
(edit) @96   14 years julian.reschke Add "Requirements" subsection everywhere (including reference to …
(edit) @95   14 years julian.reschke List Yves Lafon & Julian Reschke as Editors everywhere, remove …
(edit) @94   14 years ylafon added Yves Lafon in authors section
(edit) @62   14 years fielding switch to new issue tracking system
(edit) @61   14 years julian.reschke fix draft name prefix ("draft-fielding-" -> "draft-ietf-httpbis-")
(edit) @45   14 years fielding Move definitions of 304 and 412 to p4 (conditional requests).
(edit) @42   14 years fielding Remove 2617 from the list of things we are obsoleting because we …
(edit) @36   14 years fielding Add an editorial note about status and list. Streamline the new …
(edit) @35   14 years fielding Use obsoletes instead of updates and seven-part instead of eight.
(edit) @34   14 years fielding update address for TimBL
(edit) @31   14 years julian.reschke Insert cross-document references.
(edit) @29   14 years fielding Partition RFC 2616 into seven (mostly) independent documents. No …
(copy) @21   14 years fielding HTTP/1.1, part 4: Conditional Requests
copied from draft-ietf-httpbis/orig/rfc2616.xml:
(add) @8   14 years fielding RFC 2616: Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1 Translated from …
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