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(edit) @446   13 years julian.reschke Update to latest version of rfc2629.xslt, and add experimental version …
(edit) @445   13 years julian.reschke sync != P6 with -latest
(edit) @444   13 years julian.reschke reorganize header introductions consistent (related to #36, see also [364])
(edit) @442   13 years julian.reschke Bring ABNF stuff in-line with main branch.
(edit) @441   13 years julian.reschke re-generate HTML, P6: fix a few formatting issues, add a few crefs
(edit) @437   13 years julian.reschke Synchronize with trunk (../latest), with the exception of Part 6. Fix …
(edit) @412   13 years julian.reschke remove p8-cookies throughout
(edit) @411   13 years mnot more updates.
(edit) @394   13 years mnot big stab at a major rewrite
(edit) @388   13 years julian.reschke merge in changes from -latest
(edit) @387   13 years fielding clean up the URI section; s/Request-URI/request-target/g
(edit) @373   13 years fielding change tactics -- define HTTP architecture instead of when to use HTTP
(edit) @361   13 years fielding expand on when to use HTTP
(edit) @358   13 years ylafon expectation about support of range units by server/intermediaries/clients
(edit) @355   13 years ylafon anges relative to issue #85 removed the bias toward byte-ranges only …
(edit) @350   13 years julian.reschke resync with trunk wrt core rules (related to #36)
(edit) @348   13 years fielding replace xref to general-syntax with xref to uri
(edit) @347   13 years mnot Refactor Warning as per …
(edit) @346   13 years julian.reschke Move Terminology Section to the back.
(edit) @345   13 years julian.reschke front page: fix reference to changes section
(edit) @344   13 years fielding generate HTML
(edit) @343   13 years fielding condense ABNF core rules
(edit) @342   13 years fielding generate HTML
(edit) @341   13 years fielding Rewrite intro. Update URIs to RFC3986
(edit) @340   13 years fielding No content changes. Move ABNF up to intro. Move URIs up to when to use …
(edit) @339   13 years fielding Introduce notation early, split intro for overall operation
(edit) @337   13 years fielding move the terminology section to the back
(copy) @336   13 years fielding branch latest for larger changes
copied from draft-ietf-httpbis/latest:
(edit) @335   13 years julian.reschke reference RFC5234 instead of RFC822 for ABNF, but continue to extend …
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