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(edit) @2749   3 years julian.reschke bap: experimental support for RFC 7405
(edit) @2747   3 years julian.reschke bap: fix svn:eol-style
(edit) @2746   3 years julian.reschke bap: update usage message
(edit) @2745   3 years julian.reschke add readme for cygwin wrt lack of 'lex'
(edit) @1663   7 years julian.reschke Fix RFC2616-abnf list rule expansion problem in bap (abnfparser) (see #358)
(edit) @1093   8 years julian.reschke Update ignore lists.
(edit) @454   10 years julian.reschke fix line wrap in ABNF prose problem; update XSLT for collected ABNF to …
(edit) @450   10 years fielding Also have to substitute LEX for those machines where both lex and flex …
(edit) @449   10 years fielding If lex is actually flex (as it is on Mac OS X), then the -l flag is …
(edit) @417   10 years julian.reschke add core.abnf, add make targets for reformatted ABNF (related to #36)
(edit) @416   10 years ylafon really ugly hack to add -l n for wrapping lines
(edit) @410   10 years ylafon more change (the complex case)
(edit) @409   10 years ylafon modified list production to match the consumer version in p1
(edit) @408   10 years julian.reschke remove generated file
(edit) @407   10 years ylafon unixism
(add) @405   10 years julian.reschke add custom version of Bill Fenner's ABNF Parser (BAP)
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