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(edit) @546   11 years julian.reschke branch for draft 06
(edit) @545   11 years julian.reschke Update to latest version of rfc2629.xslt, fixing a bug causing text …
(edit) @544   11 years fielding editorial: another pass at intro streamlining, removed unnecessary …
(edit) @543   11 years julian.reschke Resolve #36: In P2..P7, mention list rule defined in P1; also point to …
(edit) @542   11 years julian.reschke add 'affected issues'
(edit) @541   11 years julian.reschke avoid orphaned text in Warning definitions
(edit) @540   11 years julian.reschke reverted back P6's indentation to match the one used in the other …
(edit) @539   11 years julian.reschke undo incorrect change in Changes section
(edit) @538   11 years julian.reschke Move P6 from ./latest-roy to ./latest
(edit) @537   11 years julian.reschke fix whitespace issue
(edit) @536   11 years julian.reschke fix link to latest changes section
(edit) @535   11 years julian.reschke re-sync Changes from 2068: add TODOs
(edit) @534   11 years julian.reschke re-sync Changes from 2068
(edit) @533   11 years julian.reschke re-sync Changes sections with -latest
(edit) @532   11 years julian.reschke add blank line below ABNF diagnostics
(edit) @531   11 years julian.reschke regenerate HTML
(edit) @530   11 years mnot get rid of spurious MAYs
(edit) @529   11 years julian.reschke regenerate HTML
(edit) @528   11 years mnot which hunt
(edit) @527   11 years mnot further clarify caching negotiated responses
(edit) @526   11 years mnot clarify language in caching negotiated responses
(edit) @525   11 years mnot clarify when the 112 warn-code should be sent
(edit) @524   11 years mnot re-order stale requirements
(edit) @523   11 years mnot elaborate on 'disconnected'
(edit) @522   11 years mnot compact age calculation summary
(edit) @521   11 years mnot move cache request directive note to appropriate section
(edit) @520   11 years mnot Only specify that Age is to be sent once.
(edit) @519   11 years mnot rearrange 'constructing responses' list for clarity
(edit) @518   11 years mnot fix list continuation
(edit) @517   11 years mnot clarify authorized request cacheability logic
(edit) @516   11 years mnot fix non-well-formed XML
(edit) @515   11 years mnot clarify storage of combined headers; typo fix
(edit) @514   11 years mnot make Vary reference parenthetic
(edit) @513   11 years mnot fix typo
(edit) @512   11 years mnot clarify that authenticated requests can't have their responses stored.
(edit) @511   11 years mnot update most recent response requirement to MUST, as per -05 3.1
(edit) @510   11 years mnot Note SHOULD to generate 111 warn-code in validation.model
(edit) @509   11 years mnot Note requirement to generate 112 disconnected operation warn-code in …
(edit) @508   11 years mnot Tidy up definition of Vary
(edit) @507   11 years mnot Note that s-maxage also overrides expires.
(edit) @506   11 years mnot "expiration" -> "freshness"
(edit) @505   11 years mnot correct must-revalidate response semantics
(edit) @504   11 years mnot tweak english in no-cache response directive
(edit) @503   11 years mnot add note questioning semantics of CC: max-stale without argument; …
(edit) @502   11 years julian.reschke update to latest version of rfc2629.xslt package
(edit) @501   11 years julian.reschke P6: add temporary anchor to definition of shared cache so that P7 …
(edit) @500   11 years julian.reschke sync P1-P5/P7 from latest, re-gen HTML
(edit) @499   11 years mnot add ref for vary in caching negotiated responses
(edit) @498   11 years mnot clarify no-match vary case
(edit) @497   11 years mnot clean up refs to unsafe methods
(edit) @496   11 years mnot clean up validation model
(edit) @495   11 years mnot rearrange serving stale responses
(edit) @494   11 years mnot Using Heuristic Freshness --> Calculating Heuristic Freshness
(edit) @493   11 years mnot tweak freshness intro
(edit) @492   11 years mnot tweak freshenss intro talk about history, cache specificity
(edit) @491   11 years mnot applicable -> suitable; send -> forward
(edit) @490   11 years mnot define write-through in terms of unsafe request methods
(edit) @489   11 years mnot add todo so we don't forget about method cacheability.
(edit) @488   11 years mnot use 'presented' consistently
(edit) @487   11 years mnot dismbiguate incomplete responses header
(edit) @486   11 years mnot add private to the list of things that can prevent a cache from …
(edit) @485   11 years mnot missing </t>
(edit) @484   11 years mnot rework caching negotiated responses.
(edit) @483   11 years mnot move back to request-uri for now
(edit) @482   11 years mnot shorten wordy text
(edit) @481   11 years mnot clean up / compact validation text.
(edit) @480   11 years mnot Remove excessively wordy wordiness and duplicative duplication.
(edit) @479   11 years mnot remove duplicate requirement for Age header.
(edit) @478   11 years mnot sidestep 'expiration' definition; add note that expires in the past …
(edit) @477   11 years mnot add DISCUSS about whether successfully validated responses need Age.
(edit) @476   11 years mnot move validation to part of 'constructing response' list.
(edit) @475   11 years mnot add DISCUSS about shared caches storing private responses
(edit) @474   11 years mnot prettify english a bit
(edit) @473   11 years mnot clarify shared caching language
(edit) @472   11 years mnot disambiguate what selecting request-headers are being compared to
(edit) @471   11 years mnot first go at defining how methods affect caching.
(edit) @470   11 years mnot settle on 'selecting request-headers'
(edit) @469   11 years mnot request-URI -> target-URI
(edit) @468   11 years mnot removing comment about storing incomplete responses
(edit) @467   11 years mnot explicit ", and" in list
(edit) @466   11 years mnot freshness lifetime can be determined by explicit or heuristic …
(edit) @465   11 years julian.reschke Make reason phrase for status 414 consistent again (now: "URI Too Long")
(edit) @464   11 years julian.reschke add explanation how the ABNF parsing/collection step works
(edit) @463   11 years julian.reschke consistent indentation of examples
(edit) @462   11 years julian.reschke Updated collected ABNFs.
(edit) @461   11 years julian.reschke Update build process from -latest, update Parts != 6
(edit) @460   11 years julian.reschke bump up document dates
(edit) @459   11 years julian.reschke Editorial: transform lists and tables in artwork into real lists and tables
(edit) @458   11 years julian.reschke make indentation of examples consistent
(edit) @457   11 years julian.reschke Editorial change: move definition of quality values from Part 3 to …
(edit) @456   11 years julian.reschke update boilerplate for recent IPR changes
(edit) @455   11 years julian.reschke apply latest fix to xml2rfc (which had the wrong version number)
(edit) @454   11 years julian.reschke fix line wrap in ABNF prose problem; update XSLT for collected ABNF to …
(edit) @453   11 years fielding generate HTML
(edit) @452   11 years fielding editorial: Fix typos and leftovers noted by Julian. Added a TBD …
(edit) @451   11 years fielding editorial: use the (now) more general term hypertext intead of …
(edit) @450   11 years fielding Also have to substitute LEX for those machines where both lex and flex …
(edit) @449   11 years fielding If lex is actually flex (as it is on Mac OS X), then the -l flag is …
(edit) @448   11 years julian.reschke Update to xml2rfc 1.34pre3 and latest version of rfc2629.xslt
(edit) @447   11 years julian.reschke Update to latest version of rfc2629.xslt and experimental version of …
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