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  • draft-ietf-httpbis/latest/p2-semantics.html

    r785 r791  
    403403      <meta name="dct.creator" content="Reschke, J. F.">
    404404      <meta name="dct.identifier" content="urn:ietf:id:draft-ietf-httpbis-p2-semantics-latest">
    405       <meta name="dct.issued" scheme="ISO8601" content="2010-03-10">
     405      <meta name="dct.issued" scheme="ISO8601" content="2010-03-11">
    406406      <meta name="dct.replaces" content="urn:ietf:rfc:2616">
    407407      <meta name="dct.abstract" content="The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an application-level protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia information systems. HTTP has been in use by the World Wide Web global information initiative since 1990. This document is Part 2 of the seven-part specification that defines the protocol referred to as &#34;HTTP/1.1&#34; and, taken together, obsoletes RFC 2616. Part 2 defines the semantics of HTTP messages as expressed by request methods, request-header fields, response status codes, and response-header fields.">
    434434            </tr>
    435435            <tr>
    436                <td class="left">Expires: September 11, 2010</td>
     436               <td class="left">Expires: September 12, 2010</td>
    437437               <td class="right">HP</td>
    438438            </tr>
    487487            <tr>
    488488               <td class="left"></td>
    489                <td class="right">March 10, 2010</td>
     489               <td class="right">March 11, 2010</td>
    490490            </tr>
    491491         </tbody>
    518518      <p>The list of Internet-Draft Shadow Directories can be accessed at <a href="http://www.ietf.org/shadow.html">http://www.ietf.org/shadow.html</a>.
    519519      </p>
    520       <p>This Internet-Draft will expire in September 11, 2010.</p>
     520      <p>This Internet-Draft will expire in September 12, 2010.</p>
    521521      <h1><a id="rfc.copyrightnotice" href="#rfc.copyrightnotice">Copyright Notice</a></h1>
    522522      <p>Copyright © 2010 IETF Trust and the persons identified as the document authors. All rights reserved.</p>
    15921592      </ul>
    15931593      <div class="note" id="rfc.section.9.4.p.8">
    1594          <p> <b>Note:</b> This specification does not define precedence rules for the case where the original URI, as navigated to be the user agent,
     1594         <p> <b>Note:</b> This specification does not define precedence rules for the case where the original URI, as navigated to by the user agent,
    15951595            and the Location header field value both contain fragment identifiers.
    15961596         </p>
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