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  • rfc2629xslt/rfc2629xslt.xml

    r729 r741  
    3030        </author>
    32     <date month="November" year="2009"/>
     32    <date month="December" year="2009"/>
    3434    <keyword>RFC2629</keyword>
     1369  When extracting by type, artwork elements with a specified name can be
     1370  excluded; this can be handy when the document uses some kind of schema
     1371  language, and an appendix contains the collected schema, repeating definitions
     1372  from earlier on. Example:
     1374<figure><artwork type="example">saxon rfc3986.xml extract-artwork.xslt type=abnf except-name=clschm
    23342342  </t>
    2338   </section>
    2340   </section>
     2347<section title="The /rfc/@ipr Attribute" anchor="attribute-ipr">
     2349  The <spanx style="verb">ipr</spanx> specifies what kind of text is generated
     2350  for the "Status Of This Memo" and "Copyright Notice" sections on the front
     2351  page. When submitting an Internet Draft, the "boilerplate" is checked
     2352  for compliance with the current Intellectual Property rules, and thus
     2353  it's important to set the correct value.
     2356  As of December 2009, the attribute value can take a long list of values. As
     2357  frequently, this is not the result of a grand plan, but simply for historic
     2358  reasons. Of these values, only a few are currently in use; all others are
     2359  supported by the various tools for backwards compatibility with old source
     2360  files.
     2363  <t>
     2364    <x:h>Note:</x:h> some variations of the boilerplate are selected based
     2365    on the document's date; therefore it is important to specify the "year",
     2366    "month" and "date" attributes when archiving the XML source of an Internet
     2367    Draft on the day of submission.
     2368  </t>
     2373  For further information, refer to <eref target="http://trustee.ietf.org/docs/IETF-Copyright-FAQ.pdf"/>.
     2377<section title="Current Values: '*trust200902'" anchor="attribute-ipr-current">
     2379  The name for these values refers to the "TLP" ("IETF TRUST Legal Provisions Relating
     2380  to IETF Documents"), on effect February 15, 2009 (see <eref target="http://trustee.ietf.org/license-info/archive/IETF-Trust-License-Policy-02-16-09.pdf"/>).
     2381  An update to this document was published on September 12, 2009 (<eref target="http://trustee.ietf.org/license-info/archive/IETF-Trust-License-Policy-20090912.pdf"/>),
     2382  modifying the license for code components.
     2383  The actual text is located in Section 6 ("Text To Be Included in IETF Documents")
     2384  of these documents.
     2387  The tools will automatically produce the "right" text depending on the
     2388  document's date information (see above).
     2391  <t>
     2392    <x:h>Note:</x:h> the TLP text effective since December 28, 2009, is not
     2393    supported yet.
     2394  </t>
     2397<section title="trust200902" anchor="attribute-ipr-trust200902">
     2399  This should be the default, unless one of the more specific '*trust200902'
     2400  values is a better fit. It produces the text in Sections 6.a and 6.b of
     2401  the TLP.
     2405<section title="noModificationTrust200902" anchor="attribute-ipr-noModificationTrust200902">
     2407  This produces the additional text from Section 6.c.i of the TLP.
     2410  <t>
     2411    This document may not be modified, and derivative works of it may
     2412    not be created, except to format it for publication as an RFC or
     2413    to translate it into languages other than English.
     2414  </t>
     2418<section title="noDerivativesTrust200902" anchor="attribute-ipr-noDerivativesTrust200902">
     2420  This produces the additional text from Section 6.c.ii of the TLP.
     2423  <t>
     2424    This document may not be modified, and derivative works of it may
     2425    not be created, and it may not be published except as an Internet-Draft.
     2426  </t>
     2430<section title="pre5378Trust200902" anchor="attribute-ipr-pre5378Trust200902">
     2432  This produces the additional text from Section 6.c.iii of the TLP, frequently
     2433  called the "pre-5378 escape clause":
     2436  <t>
     2437    This document may contain material from IETF Documents or IETF Contributions published or
     2438    made publicly available before November 10, 2008. The person(s) controlling the copyright in
     2439    some of this material may not have granted the IETF Trust the right to allow modifications of such
     2440    material outside the IETF Standards Process. Without obtaining an adequate license from the
     2441    person(s) controlling the copyright in such materials, this document may not be modified outside
     2442    the IETF Standards Process, and derivative works of it may not be created outside the IETF
     2443    Standards Process, except to format it for publication as an RFC or to translate it into languages
     2444    other than English.
     2445  </t>
     2448  See Section 4 of <eref target="http://trustee.ietf.org/docs/IETF-Copyright-FAQ.pdf"/>
     2449  for further information about when to use this value.
     2452  <t>
     2453    <x:h>Note:</x:h> this text appears under "Copyright Notice", unless the
     2454    document was published before November 2009, in which case it appears
     2455    under "Status Of This Memo".
     2456  </t>
     2461<section title="Historic Values" anchor="attribute-ipr-historic">
     2463<section title="Historic Values: '*trust200811'" anchor="attribute-ipr-200811">
     2465  The attribute values "<x:span anchor="attribute-ipr-trust200811">trust200811</x:span>",
     2466  "<x:span anchor="attribute-ipr-noModificationTrust200811">noModificationTrust200811</x:span>" and
     2467  "<x:span anchor="attribute-ipr-noDerivativesTrust200811">noDerivativesTrust200811</x:span>"
     2468  are similar to their "trust200902" counterparts, except that they use text
     2469  specified in <eref target="http://trustee.ietf.org/license-info/archive/IETF-Trust-License-Policy_11-10-08.pdf"/>.
     2473<section title="Historic Values: '*3978'" anchor="attribute-ipr-3978">
     2475  The attribute values "<x:span anchor="attribute-ipr-full3978">full3978</x:span>",
     2476  "<x:span anchor="attribute-ipr-noModification3978">noModification3978</x:span>" and
     2477  "<x:span anchor="attribute-ipr-noDerivatives3978">noDerivatives3978</x:span>"
     2478  are similar to their counterparts above, except that they use text
     2479  specified in RFC 3978 (March 2005).
     2483<section title="Historic Values: '*3667'" anchor="attribute-ipr-3667">
     2485  The attribute values "<x:span anchor="attribute-ipr-full3667">full3667</x:span>",
     2486  "<x:span anchor="attribute-ipr-noModification3667">noModification3667</x:span>" and
     2487  "<x:span anchor="attribute-ipr-noDerivatives3667">noDerivatives3667</x:span>"
     2488  are similar to their counterparts above, except that they use text
     2489  specified in RFC 3667 (February 2004).
     2493<section title="Historic Values: '*2026'" anchor="attribute-ipr-2026">
     2495  The attribute values "<x:span anchor="attribute-ipr-full2026">full2026</x:span>" and
     2496  "<x:span anchor="attribute-ipr-noDerivativeWorks2026">noDerivativeWorks2026</x:span>"
     2497  are similar to their counterparts above, except that they use text
     2498  specified in RFC 2026 (October 1996).
     2501  The special value "<x:span anchor="attribute-ipr-none">none</x:span>"
     2502  was also used back then, and denied the IETF any rights beyond publication
     2503  as Internet Draft.
    23422510  <section title="License" anchor="license">
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