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Do not recommend a specific language tag filtering, just note that "Basic" as designed to match RFC2616 (see #181)

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    r723 r724  
    12691269   would mean: "I prefer Danish, but will accept British English and
    12701270   other types of English."
    1271 </t>
    1272 <t>
    1273    For matching, the "Basic Filtering" matching scheme, defined in
    1274    <xref target="RFC4647" x:sec="3.3.1" x:fmt="of"/>, is used:
    1275 </t>
    1276 <x:blockquote cite="http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4647#section-3.3.1">
    1277   <t>
    1278      A language range matches a
    1279      particular language tag if, in a case-insensitive comparison, it
    1280      exactly equals the tag, or if it exactly equals a prefix of the tag
    1281      such that the first character following the prefix is "-".
    1282   </t>
    1283 </x:blockquote>
    1284 <t>
    1285    The special range "*", if present in the Accept-Language field,
    1286    matches every tag not matched by any other range present in the
    1287    Accept-Language field.
     1271   (see also <xref target="RFC4647" x:sec="2.3" x:fmt="of"/>)
     1274   For matching, <xref target="RFC4647" x:sec="3" x:fmt="of"/> defines
     1275   several matching schemes. Implementations can offer the most appropriate
     1276   matching scheme for their requirements.
    12901279  <t>
    1291     <x:h>Note:</x:h> This use of a prefix matching rule does not imply that
    1292     language tags are assigned to languages in such a way that it is
    1293     always true that if a user understands a language with a certain
    1294     tag, then this user will also understand all languages with tags
    1295     for which this tag is a prefix. The prefix rule simply allows the
    1296     use of prefix tags if this is the case.
     1280    <x:h>Note:</x:h> the "Basic Filtering" scheme (<xref target="RFC4647"
     1281    x:fmt="," x:sec="3.3.1"/>) is identical to the matching scheme that was
     1282    previously defined in <xref target="RFC2616" x:fmt="of" x:sec="14.4"/>.
    12971283  </t>
    1299 <t>
    1300    The language quality factor assigned to a language-tag by the
    1301    Accept-Language field is the quality value of the longest language-range
    1302    in the field that matches the language-tag. If no language-range
    1303    in the field matches the tag, the language quality factor
    1304    assigned is 0. If no Accept-Language header is present in the
    1305    request, the server
    1306    &SHOULD; assume that all languages are equally acceptable. If an
    1307    Accept-Language header is present, then all languages which are
    1308    assigned a quality factor greater than 0 are acceptable.
    1309 </t>
    13111286   It might be contrary to the privacy expectations of the user to send
    31123087<section title="Since draft-ietf-httpbis-p3-payload-08" anchor="changes.since.08">
    3114   None yet.
     3089  Closed issues:
     3090  <list style="symbols">
     3091    <t>
     3092      <eref target="http://tools.ietf.org/wg/httpbis/trac/ticket/181"/>:
     3093      "Accept-Language: which RFC4647 filtering?"
     3094    </t>
     3095  </list>
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