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updated AUTH48 version of RFC7231 (#553)

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  • draft-ietf-httpbis/latest/auth48/rfc7231-to-be.xml

    r2678 r2682  
    24392439   A sender SHOULD NOT generate information in <xref target="header.user-agent" format="none">product-version</xref>
    24402440   that is not a version identifier (i.e., successive versions of the same
    2441    product name ought only to differ in the product-version portion of the
     2441   product name ought to differ only in the product-version portion of the
    24422442   product identifier).
    25972597   interim response for communicating connection status or request progress
    25982598   prior to completing the requested action and sending a final response.
    2599    All 1xx responses consist of only the status-line and optional header
    2600    fields and, thus, are terminated by the empty line at the end of the header
    2601    section.
     2599   1xx responses are terminated by the first empty line after the
     2600  status-line (the empty line signaling the end of the header section).
    26022601   Since HTTP/1.0 did not define any 1xx status codes, a server MUST NOT send
    26032602   a 1xx response to an HTTP/1.0 client.
    47794778   Origin servers frequently make use of their local file system to manage the
    47804779   mapping from effective request URI to resource representations.
    4781    Implementers need to be aware that most file systems are not designed to
    4782    protect against malicious file or path names and, thus, depend on the
    4783    origin server to avoid mapping to file names, folders, or directories that
    4784    have special significance to the system.
     4780Most file systems are not designed to protect against malicious file
     4781  or path names. Therefore, an origin server needs to avoid accessing
     4782  names that have a special significance to the system when mapping the
     4783  request target to files, folders, or directories.
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