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    r2408 r2414  
    446446  }
    447447  @bottom-center {
    448        content: "Expires March 27, 2014";
     448       content: "Expires March 28, 2014";
    449449  }
    450450  @bottom-right {
    489489      <meta name="dct.creator" content="Reschke, J. F.">
    490490      <meta name="dct.identifier" content="urn:ietf:id:draft-ietf-httpbis-p4-conditional-latest">
    491       <meta name="dct.issued" scheme="ISO8601" content="2013-09-23">
     491      <meta name="dct.issued" scheme="ISO8601" content="2013-09-24">
    492492      <meta name="dct.replaces" content="urn:ietf:rfc:2616">
    493493      <meta name="dct.abstract" content="The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an application-level protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypertext information systems. This document defines HTTP/1.1 conditional requests, including metadata header fields for indicating state changes, request header fields for making preconditions on such state, and rules for constructing the responses to a conditional request when one or more preconditions evaluate to false.">
    515515            </tr>
    516516            <tr>
    517                <td class="left">Expires: March 27, 2014</td>
    518                <td class="right">September 23, 2013</td>
     517               <td class="left">Expires: March 28, 2014</td>
     518               <td class="right">September 24, 2013</td>
    519519            </tr>
    520520         </tbody>
    532532      <p>The current issues list is at &lt;<a href="http://tools.ietf.org/wg/httpbis/trac/report/3">http://tools.ietf.org/wg/httpbis/trac/report/3</a>&gt; and related documents (including fancy diffs) can be found at &lt;<a href="http://tools.ietf.org/wg/httpbis/">http://tools.ietf.org/wg/httpbis/</a>&gt;.
    533533      </p>
    534       <p>The changes in this draft are summarized in <a href="#changes.since.23" title="Since draft-ietf-httpbis-p4-conditional-23">Appendix&nbsp;D.5</a>.
     534      <p>The changes in this draft are summarized in <a href="#changes.since.24" title="Since draft-ietf-httpbis-p4-conditional-24">Appendix&nbsp;D.6</a>.
    535535      </p>
    536536      <h1><a id="rfc.status" href="#rfc.status">Status of This Memo</a></h1>
    543543         in progress”.
    544544      </p>
    545       <p>This Internet-Draft will expire on March 27, 2014.</p>
     545      <p>This Internet-Draft will expire on March 28, 2014.</p>
    546546      <h1><a id="rfc.copyrightnotice" href="#rfc.copyrightnotice">Copyright Notice</a></h1>
    547547      <p>Copyright © 2013 IETF Trust and the persons identified as the document authors. All rights reserved.</p>
    619619               <li><a href="#rfc.section.D.4">D.4</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="#changes.since.22">Since draft-ietf-httpbis-p4-conditional-22</a></li>
    620620               <li><a href="#rfc.section.D.5">D.5</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="#changes.since.23">Since draft-ietf-httpbis-p4-conditional-23</a></li>
     621               <li><a href="#rfc.section.D.6">D.6</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="#changes.since.24">Since draft-ietf-httpbis-p4-conditional-24</a></li>
    621622            </ul>
    622623         </li>
    14521453         </li>
    14531454      </ul>
     1455      <h2 id="rfc.section.D.6"><a href="#rfc.section.D.6">D.6</a>&nbsp;<a id="changes.since.24" href="#changes.since.24">Since draft-ietf-httpbis-p4-conditional-24</a></h2>
     1456      <p id="rfc.section.D.6.p.1">None yet.</p>
    14541457      <h1 id="rfc.index"><a href="#rfc.index">Index</a></h1>
    14551458      <p class="noprint"><a href="#rfc.index.3">3</a> <a href="#rfc.index.4">4</a> <a href="#rfc.index.B">B</a> <a href="#rfc.index.E">E</a> <a href="#rfc.index.G">G</a> <a href="#rfc.index.I">I</a> <a href="#rfc.index.L">L</a> <a href="#rfc.index.M">M</a> <a href="#rfc.index.P">P</a> <a href="#rfc.index.R">R</a> <a href="#rfc.index.S">S</a> <a href="#rfc.index.V">V</a>
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