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Undo deprecation of chunk extensions (see #343)

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  • draft-ietf-httpbis/latest/p1-messaging.html

    r2402 r2405  
    446446  }
    447447  @bottom-center {
    448        content: "Expires March 18, 2014";
     448       content: "Expires March 21, 2014";
    449449  }
    450450  @bottom-right {
    488488      <meta name="dct.creator" content="Reschke, J. F.">
    489489      <meta name="dct.identifier" content="urn:ietf:id:draft-ietf-httpbis-p1-messaging-latest">
    490       <meta name="dct.issued" scheme="ISO8601" content="2013-09-14">
     490      <meta name="dct.issued" scheme="ISO8601" content="2013-09-17">
    491491      <meta name="dct.replaces" content="urn:ietf:rfc:2145">
    492492      <meta name="dct.replaces" content="urn:ietf:rfc:2616">
    517517            <tr>
    518518               <td class="left">Intended status: Standards Track</td>
    519                <td class="right">September 14, 2013</td>
     519               <td class="right">September 17, 2013</td>
    520520            </tr>
    521521            <tr>
    522                <td class="left">Expires: March 18, 2014</td>
     522               <td class="left">Expires: March 21, 2014</td>
    523523               <td class="right"></td>
    524524            </tr>
    548548         in progress”.
    549549      </p>
    550       <p>This Internet-Draft will expire on March 18, 2014.</p>
     550      <p>This Internet-Draft will expire on March 21, 2014.</p>
    551551      <h1><a id="rfc.copyrightnotice" href="#rfc.copyrightnotice">Copyright Notice</a></h1>
    552552      <p>Copyright © 2013 IETF Trust and the persons identified as the document authors. All rights reserved.</p>
    16131613                 ; like <a href="#rule.quoted-string" class="smpl">quoted-string</a>, but disallowing line folding
    16141614  <a href="#chunked.encoding" class="smpl">qdtext-nf</a>      = <a href="#core.rules" class="smpl">HTAB</a> / <a href="#core.rules" class="smpl">SP</a> / %x21 / %x23-5B / %x5D-7E / <a href="#rule.quoted-string" class="smpl">obs-text</a>
    1615 </pre><p id="rfc.section.4.1.p.3">Chunk extensions within the chunked transfer coding are deprecated. A sender <em class="bcp14">SHOULD NOT</em> send chunk-ext. Definition of new chunk extensions is discouraged.
     1615</pre><p id="rfc.section.4.1.p.3">Chunk extensions need to be used carefully because use of chunking does not have any semantics related to the message; it
     1616         is by definition hop-by-hop and thus can be removed/reformatted by any intermediary. Furthermore, few implementations expose
     1617         information about their contents.
    16161618      </p>
    16171619      <p id="rfc.section.4.1.p.4">The chunk-size field is a string of hex digits indicating the size of the chunk-data in octets. The chunked transfer coding
    30103012      <p id="rfc.section.A.2.p.12">The "identity" transfer coding token has been removed. (Sections <a href="#message.body" title="Message Body">3.3</a> and <a href="#transfer.codings" title="Transfer Codings">4</a>)
    30113013      </p>
    3012       <p id="rfc.section.A.2.p.13">Chunk length does not include the count of the octets in the chunk header and trailer. Use of chunk extensions is deprecated,
    3013          and line folding in them is disallowed. (<a href="#chunked.encoding" title="Chunked Transfer Coding">Section&nbsp;4.1</a>)
     3014      <p id="rfc.section.A.2.p.13">Chunk length does not include the count of the octets in the chunk header and trailer. Line folding in chunk extensions is
     3015         disallowed. (<a href="#chunked.encoding" title="Chunked Transfer Coding">Section&nbsp;4.1</a>)
    30143016      </p>
    30153017      <p id="rfc.section.A.2.p.14">The meaning of the "deflate" content coding has been clarified. (<a href="#deflate.coding" title="Deflate Coding">Section&nbsp;4.2.2</a>)
    32543256      <p id="rfc.section.C.4.p.1">Closed issues: </p>
    32553257      <ul>
     3258         <li>&lt;<a href="http://tools.ietf.org/wg/httpbis/trac/ticket/343">http://tools.ietf.org/wg/httpbis/trac/ticket/343</a>&gt;: "chunk-extensions" (removed the earlier deprecation)
     3259         </li>
    32563260         <li>&lt;<a href="http://tools.ietf.org/wg/httpbis/trac/ticket/483">http://tools.ietf.org/wg/httpbis/trac/ticket/483</a>&gt;: "MUST fix Content-Length?"
    32573261         </li>
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