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  • draft-ietf-httpbis/latest/p6-cache.xml

    r2016 r2020  
    12981298   <x:anchor-alias value="cache-response-directive" />
    1300 <section title="public" anchor="cache-response-directive.only-if-cached">
     1300<section title="public" anchor="cache-response-directive.public">
    13011301   <iref item="public (cache directive)" primary="true" />
    19491949   <c>public</c>
    19501950   <c>
    1951       <xref target="cache-response-directive.only-if-cached"/>
     1951      <xref target="cache-response-directive.public"/>
    19521952   </c>
    19531953   <c>s-maxage</c>
    24022402<section anchor="changes.from.rfc.2616" title="Changes from RFC 2616">
     2404  Caching-related text has been substantially rewritten for clarity.
    24042407  The algorithm for calculating age is now less conservative.
    24052408  (<xref target="age.calculations"/>)
     2411  Caches are now required to handle dates with timezones as if they're
     2412  invalid, because it's not possible to accurately guess.
     2413  (<xref target="age.calculations"/>)
    24082416  The <x:ref>Content-Location</x:ref> response header field is no longer used
    2409   to determine the appropriate response to use.
     2417  to determine the appropriate response to use when validating.
    24102418  (<xref target="validation.model" />)
    2413   Requirements regarding denial of service attack avoidance have been
     2421  The algorithm for selecting a cached negotiated response to use has been
     2422  clarified in several ways. In particular, it now explicitly allows
     2423  header-specific canonicalization when processing selecting header fields.
     2424  (<xref target="caching.negotiated.responses" />)
     2427  Requirements regarding denial of service attack avoidance when performing
     2428  invalidation have been clarified.
     2429  (<xref target="invalidation.after.updates.or.deletions" />)
     2432  Cache invalidation only occurs when a successful response is received.
     2433  (<xref target="invalidation.after.updates.or.deletions" />)
     2436  The conditions under which an authenticated response can be cached have been
    24142437  clarified.
    2415   (<xref target="invalidation.after.updates.or.deletions" />)
     2438  (<xref target="caching.authenticated.responses" />)
     2441  The one-year limit on Expires header field values has been removed; instead,
     2442  the reasoning for using a sensible value is given.
     2443  (<xref target="header.expires" />)
     2446  The Pragma header field is now only defined for backwards compatibility;
     2447  future pragmas are deprecated.
     2448  (<xref target="header.pragma" />)
     2451  Cache directives are explicitly defined to be case-insensitive.
     2452  (<xref target="header.cache-control" />)
     2455  Handling of multiple instances of cache directives when only one is
     2456  expected is now defined.
     2457  (<xref target="header.cache-control" />)
     2460  The qualified forms of the private and no-cache cache directives are noted
     2461  to not be widely implemented; e.g., "private=foo" is interpreted by many
     2462  caches as simply "private". Additionally, the meaning of the qualified
     2463  form of no-cache has been clarified.
     2464  (<xref target="cache-response-directive" />)
     2467  The "no-store" cache request directive doesn't apply to responses; i.e.,
     2468  a cache can satisfy a request with no-store on it, and does not invalidate
     2469  it.
     2470  (<xref target="cache-request-directive.no-store" />)
     2473  The meaning of the "public" cache response directive has been refined to
     2474  be less vague.
     2475  (<xref target="cache-response-directive.public" />)
     2478  The "no-cache" response cache directive's meaning has been clarified.
     2479  (<xref target="cache-response-directive.no-cache" />)
     2482  New status codes can now define that caches are allowed to use heuristic
     2483  freshness with them.
     2484  (<xref target="heuristic.freshness" />)
     2487  Caches are now allow to calculate heuristic freshness for URLs with query
     2488  components.
     2489  (<xref target="heuristic.freshness" />)
     2492  Some requirements regarding production of the <x:ref>Warning</x:ref>
     2493  header have been relaxed, as it is not widely implemented.
     2494  (<xref target="header.warning" />)
    2423   This specification introduces the Cache Directive and Warn Code Registries.
     2502  This specification introduces the Cache Directive and Warn Code Registries,
     2503  and defines considerations for new cache directives.
    24242504  (<xref target="cache.control.extensions"/> and <xref target="warn.code.extensions"/>)
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