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  • draft-ietf-httpbis/latest/p2-semantics.xml

    r1963 r1964  
    656656   Language tags are defined in <xref target="language.tags"/>. The primary purpose of
    657657   Content-Language is to allow a user to identify and differentiate
    658    representations according to the user's own preferred language. Thus, if the
     658   representations according to the users' own preferred language. Thus, if the
    659659   content is intended only for a Danish-literate audience, the
    660660   appropriate field is
    10021002   but it cannot expect responses to always honor them. For example, the origin
    10031003   server might not implement proactive negotiation, or it might decide that
    1004    sending a response that doesn't conform to them is better than sending a <x:ref>406
    1005    (Not Acceptable)</x:ref> response.
     1004   sending a response that doesn't conform to the user agent's preferences is
     1005   better than sending a <x:ref>406 (Not Acceptable)</x:ref> response.
    23162316   would mean: "I prefer Danish, but will accept British English and
    2317    other types of English".
    2318    (see also <xref target="RFC4647" x:sec="2.3" x:fmt="of"/>)
     2317   other types of English". (See also <xref target="RFC4647" x:sec="2.3" x:fmt="of"/>)
    25132512<section title="Response Status Codes" anchor="status.codes">
    2515    The status-code element is a 3-digit integer result code of the attempt to
    2516    understand and satisfy the request.
     2514   The status-code element is a 3-digit integer code giving the result of the
     2515   attempt to understand and satisfy the request.
    25372536  <list style="symbols">
    25382537    <t>
    2539       <x:ref>1xx (Informational)</x:ref>: Request received, continuing process
     2538      <x:ref>1xx (Informational)</x:ref>: The request was received, continuing
     2539      process
    25402540    </t>
    25412541    <t>
    2542       <x:ref>2xx (Successful)</x:ref>: The action was successfully received,
    2543         understood, and accepted
     2542      <x:ref>2xx (Successful)</x:ref>: The request was successfully received,
     2543      understood, and accepted
    25442544    </t>
    25452545    <t>
    25462546      <x:ref>3xx (Redirection)</x:ref>: Further action needs to be taken in order to
    2547         complete the request
     2547      complete the request
    25482548    </t>
    25492549    <t>
    25502550      <x:ref>4xx (Client Error)</x:ref>: The request contains bad syntax or cannot
    2551         be fulfilled
     2551      be fulfilled
    25522552    </t>
    25532553    <t>
    25542554      <x:ref>5xx (Server Error)</x:ref>: The server failed to fulfill an apparently
    2555         valid request
     2555      valid request
    25562556    </t>
    25572557  </list>
    26102610  <c>414</c> <c>URI Too Long</c> <c><xref target="status.414"/></c>
    26112611  <c>415</c> <c>Unsupported Media Type</c> <c><xref target="status.415"/></c>
    2612   <c>416</c> <c>Requested range not satisfiable</c> <c anchor="status.416">&status-416;</c>
     2612  <c>416</c> <c>Requested Range Not Satisfiable</c> <c anchor="status.416">&status-416;</c>
    26132613  <c>417</c> <c>Expectation Failed</c> <c><xref target="status.417"/></c>
    26142614  <c>426</c> <c>Upgrade Required</c> <c><xref target="status.426"/></c>
    27462746   The origin server &MUST; create the resource(s) before returning the 201 status
    27472747   code. If the action cannot be carried out immediately, the server &SHOULD;
    2748    respond with <x:ref>202 (Accepted)</x:ref> response instead.
     2748   respond with a <x:ref>202 (Accepted)</x:ref> response instead.
    44114411    <x:lt><t>Whether it is appropriate to list the field-name in the
    44124412    <x:ref>Connection</x:ref> header field (i.e., if the header field is to
    4413     be hop-by-hop, see &header-connection;).</t></x:lt>
     4413    be hop-by-hop; see &header-connection;).</t></x:lt>
    44144414    <x:lt><t>Under what conditions intermediaries are allowed to modify the header
    44154415    field's value, insert or delete it.</t></x:lt>
    56545654  Remove base URI setting semantics for "<x:ref>Content-Location</x:ref>" due to
    5655   poor implementation support, which was caused by too many broken servers emitting
     5655  poor implementation support (which was caused by too many broken servers emitting
    56565656  bogus Content-Location header fields, and also the potentially undesirable effect
    5657   of potentially breaking relative links in content-negotiated resources.
     5657  of potentially breaking relative links in content-negotiated resources).
    56585658  (<xref target="header.content-location"/>)
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