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  • draft-ietf-httpbis/latest/p2-semantics.xml

    r1894 r1895  
    24612461<section title="100 Continue" anchor="status.100">
    24622462  <iref primary="true" item="100 Continue (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    2463   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="100 Continue" x:for-anchor=""/>
    24642463  <x:anchor-alias value="100 (Continue)"/>
    24772476<section title="101 Switching Protocols" anchor="status.101">
    24782477  <iref primary="true" item="101 Switching Protocols (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    2479   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="101 Switching Protocols" x:for-anchor=""/>
    24802478  <x:anchor-alias value="101 (Switching Protocols)"/>
    25092507<section title="200 OK" anchor="status.200">
    25102508  <iref primary="true" item="200 OK (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    2511   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="200 OK" x:for-anchor=""/>
    25122509  <x:anchor-alias value="200 (OK)"/>
    25382535<section title="201 Created" anchor="status.201">
    25392536  <iref primary="true" item="201 Created (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    2540   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="201 Created" x:for-anchor=""/>
    25412537  <x:anchor-alias value="201 (Created)"/>
    25672563<section title="202 Accepted" anchor="status.202">
    25682564  <iref primary="true" item="202 Accepted (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    2569   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="202 Accepted" x:for-anchor=""/>
    25702565  <x:anchor-alias value="202 (Accepted)"/>
    25902585<section title="203 Non-Authoritative Information" anchor="status.203">
    25912586  <iref primary="true" item="203 Non-Authoritative Information (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    2592   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="203 Non-Authoritative Information" x:for-anchor=""/>
    25932587  <x:anchor-alias value="203 (Non-Authoritative Information)"/>
    26122606<section title="204 No Content" anchor="status.204">
    26132607  <iref primary="true" item="204 No Content (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    2614   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="204 No Content" x:for-anchor=""/>
    26152608  <x:anchor-alias value="204 (No Content)"/>
    26512644<section title="205 Reset Content" anchor="status.205">
    26522645  <iref primary="true" item="205 Reset Content (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    2653   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="205 Reset Content" x:for-anchor=""/>
    26552647   The server has fulfilled the request and the user agent &SHOULD; reset
    27582750<section title="300 Multiple Choices" anchor="status.300">
    27592751  <iref primary="true" item="300 Multiple Choices (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    2760   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="300 Multiple Choices" x:for-anchor=""/>
    27612752  <x:anchor-alias value="300 (Multiple Choices)"/>
    27912782<section title="301 Moved Permanently" anchor="status.301">
    27922783  <iref primary="true" item="301 Moved Permanently (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    2793   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="301 Moved Permanently" x:for-anchor=""/>
    27942784  <x:anchor-alias value="301"/>
    27952785  <x:anchor-alias value="301 (Moved Permanently)"/>
    28222812<section title="302 Found" anchor="status.302">
    28232813  <iref primary="true" item="302 Found (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    2824   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="302 Found" x:for-anchor=""/>
    28252814  <x:anchor-alias value="302"/>
    28262815  <x:anchor-alias value="302 (Found)"/>
    28472836<section title="303 See Other" anchor="status.303">
    28482837  <iref primary="true" item="303 See Other (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    2849   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="303 See Other" x:for-anchor=""/>
    28502838  <x:anchor-alias value="303 (See Other)"/>
    28902878<section title="305 Use Proxy" anchor="status.305">
    28912879  <iref primary="true" item="305 Use Proxy (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    2892   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="305 Use Proxy" x:for-anchor=""/>
    28932880  <x:anchor-alias value="305 (Use Proxy)"/>
    29002887<section title="306 (Unused)" anchor="status.306">
    29012888  <iref primary="true" item="306 (Unused) (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    2902   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="306 (Unused)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    29042890   The 306 status code was used in a previous version of the
    29092895<section title="307 Temporary Redirect" anchor="status.307">
    29102896  <iref primary="true" item="307 Temporary Redirect (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    2911   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="307 Temporary Redirect" x:for-anchor=""/>
    29122897  <x:anchor-alias value="307"/>
    29132898  <x:anchor-alias value="307 (Temporary Redirect)"/>
    29502935<section title="400 Bad Request" anchor="status.400">
    29512936  <iref primary="true" item="400 Bad Request (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    2952   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="400 Bad Request" x:for-anchor=""/>
    29532937  <x:anchor-alias value="400 (Bad Request)"/>
    29602944<section title="402 Payment Required" anchor="status.402">
    29612945  <iref primary="true" item="402 Payment Required (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    2962   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="402 Payment Required" x:for-anchor=""/>
    29642947   This code is reserved for future use.
    29682951<section title="403 Forbidden" anchor="status.403">
    29692952  <iref primary="true" item="403 Forbidden (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    2970   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="403 Forbidden" x:for-anchor=""/>
    29712953  <x:anchor-alias value="403 (Forbidden)"/>
    29872969<section title="404 Not Found" anchor="status.404">
    29882970  <iref primary="true" item="404 Not Found (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    2989   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="404 Not Found" x:for-anchor=""/>
    29902971  <x:anchor-alias value="404 (Not Found)"/>
    30032984<section title="405 Method Not Allowed" anchor="status.405">
    30042985  <iref primary="true" item="405 Method Not Allowed (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    3005   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="405 Method Not Allowed" x:for-anchor=""/>
    30062986  <x:anchor-alias value="405 (Method Not Allowed)"/>
    30142994<section title="406 Not Acceptable" anchor="status.406">
    30152995  <iref primary="true" item="406 Not Acceptable (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    3016   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="406 Not Acceptable" x:for-anchor=""/>
    30172996  <x:anchor-alias value="406 (Not Acceptable)"/>
    30493028<section title="408 Request Timeout" anchor="status.408">
    30503029  <iref primary="true" item="408 Request Timeout (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    3051   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="408 Request Timeout" x:for-anchor=""/>
    30533031   The client did not produce a request within the time that the server
    30593037<section title="409 Conflict" anchor="status.409">
    30603038  <iref primary="true" item="409 Conflict (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    3061   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="409 Conflict" x:for-anchor=""/>
    30623039  <x:anchor-alias value="409 (Conflict)"/>
    30843061<section title="410 Gone" anchor="status.410">
    30853062  <iref primary="true" item="410 Gone (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    3086   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="410 Gone" x:for-anchor=""/>
    30873063  <x:anchor-alias value="410 (Gone)"/>
    31143090<section title="411 Length Required" anchor="status.411">
    31153091  <iref primary="true" item="411 Length Required (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    3116   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="411 Length Required" x:for-anchor=""/>
    31173092  <x:anchor-alias value="411 (Length Required)"/>
    31263101<section title="413 Request Representation Too Large" anchor="status.413">
    31273102  <iref primary="true" item="413 Request Representation Too Large (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    3128   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="413 Request Representation Too Large" x:for-anchor=""/>
    31303104   The server is refusing to process a request because the request
    31423116<section title="414 URI Too Long" anchor="status.414">
    31433117  <iref primary="true" item="414 URI Too Long (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    3144   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="414 URI Too Long" x:for-anchor=""/>
    31453118  <x:anchor-alias value="414 (URI Too Long)"/>
    31593132<section title="415 Unsupported Media Type" anchor="status.415">
    31603133  <iref primary="true" item="415 Unsupported Media Type (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    3161   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="415 Unsupported Media Type" x:for-anchor=""/>
    31623134  <x:anchor-alias value="415 (Unsupported Media Type)"/>
    31703142<section title="417 Expectation Failed" anchor="status.417">
    31713143  <iref primary="true" item="417 Expectation Failed (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    3172   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="417 Expectation Failed" x:for-anchor=""/>
    31733144  <x:anchor-alias value="417 (Expectation Failed)"/>
    31823153<section title="426 Upgrade Required" anchor="status.426">
    31833154  <iref primary="true" item="426 Upgrade Required (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    3184   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="426 Upgrade Required" x:for-anchor=""/>
    31853155  <x:anchor-alias value="426 (Upgrade Required)"/>
    32253195<section title="500 Internal Server Error" anchor="status.500">
    32263196  <iref primary="true" item="500 Internal Server Error (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    3227   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="500 Internal Server Error" x:for-anchor=""/>
    32283197  <x:anchor-alias value="500 (Internal Server Error)"/>
    32353204<section title="501 Not Implemented" anchor="status.501">
    32363205  <iref primary="true" item="501 Not Implemented (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    3237   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="501 Not Implemented" x:for-anchor=""/>
    32383206  <x:anchor-alias value="501 (Not Implemented)"/>
    32473215<section title="502 Bad Gateway" anchor="status.502">
    32483216  <iref primary="true" item="502 Bad Gateway (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    3249   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="502 Bad Gateway" x:for-anchor=""/>
    32503217  <x:anchor-alias value="502 (Bad Gateway)"/>
    32583225<section title="503 Service Unavailable" anchor="status.503">
    32593226  <iref primary="true" item="503 Service Unavailable (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    3260   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="503 Service Unavailable" x:for-anchor=""/>
    32613227  <x:anchor-alias value="503 (Service Unavailable)"/>
    32833249<section title="504 Gateway Timeout" anchor="status.504">
    32843250  <iref primary="true" item="504 Gateway Timeout (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    3285   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="504 Gateway Timeout" x:for-anchor=""/>
    32863251  <x:anchor-alias value="504 (Gateway Timeout)"/>
    33023267<section title="505 HTTP Version Not Supported" anchor="status.505">
    33033268  <iref primary="true" item="505 HTTP Version Not Supported (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    3304   <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="505 HTTP Version Not Supported" x:for-anchor=""/>
    33053269  <x:anchor-alias value="505 (HTTP Version Not Supported)"/>
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