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Work-in-progress: hyperlink status codes definitions (for those defined in parts 4, 5, and 7)

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  • draft-ietf-httpbis/latest/p1-messaging.xml

    r1707 r1708  
    4040  <!ENTITY status-203             "<xref target='Part2' x:rel='#status.203' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    4141  <!ENTITY status-3xx             "<xref target='Part2' x:rel='#status.3xx' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
     42  <!ENTITY status-304             "<xref target='Part4' x:rel='#status.304' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    4243  <!ENTITY status-4xx             "<xref target='Part2' x:rel='#status.4xx' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    4344  <!ENTITY status-414             "<xref target='Part2' x:rel='#status.414' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    14831484   Successful (2xx) responses to CONNECT switch to tunnel mode instead of
    14841485   having a message body.
    1485    All 1xx (Informational), 204 (No Content), and 304 (Not Modified)
     1486   All 1xx (Informational), 204 (No Content), and <x:ref>304 (Not Modified)</x:ref>
    14861487   responses &MUST-NOT; include a message body.
    14871488   All other responses do include a message body, although the body
    1488    &MAY; be of zero length.
     1489   &MAY; be of zero length. (See &status-codes; and &status-304;.)
    15521553   Transfer-Encoding &MAY; be sent in a response to a HEAD request or in a
    1553    304 response to a GET request, neither of which includes a message body,
     1554   <x:ref>304 (Not Modified)</x:ref> response (&status-304;) to a GET request,
     1555   neither of which includes a message body,
    15541556   to indicate that the origin server would have applied a transfer coding
    15551557   to the message body if the request had been an unconditional GET.
    16021604   the size of the payload body (without any potential transfer-coding)
    16031605   that would have been sent had the request been a GET.
    1604    In the case of a 304 (Not Modified) response to a GET request,
    1605    Content-Length indicates the size of the payload body (without
     1606   In the case of a <x:ref>304 (Not Modified)</x:ref> response (&status-304;)
     1607   to a GET request, Content-Length indicates the size of the payload body (without
    16061608   any potential transfer-coding) that would have been sent in a 200 (OK)
    16071609   response.
     4113<reference anchor="Part4">
     4114  <front>
     4115    <title abbrev="HTTP/1.1">HTTP/1.1, part 4: Conditional Requests</title>
     4116    <author fullname="Roy T. Fielding" initials="R." role="editor" surname="Fielding">
     4117      <organization abbrev="Adobe">Adobe Systems Incorporated</organization>
     4118      <address><email>fielding@gbiv.com</email></address>
     4119    </author>
     4120    <author fullname="Yves Lafon" initials="Y." role="editor" surname="Lafon">
     4121      <organization abbrev="W3C">World Wide Web Consortium</organization>
     4122      <address><email>ylafon@w3.org</email></address>
     4123    </author>
     4124    <author fullname="Julian F. Reschke" initials="J. F." role="editor" surname="Reschke">
     4125      <organization abbrev="greenbytes">greenbytes GmbH</organization>
     4126      <address><email>julian.reschke@greenbytes.de</email></address>
     4127    </author>
     4128    <date month="&ID-MONTH;" year="&ID-YEAR;" />
     4129  </front>
     4130  <seriesInfo name="Internet-Draft" value="draft-ietf-httpbis-p4-conditional-&ID-VERSION;" />
     4131  <x:source basename="p4-conditional" href="p4-conditional.xml">
     4132    <x:defines>304 (Not Modified)</x:defines>
     4133  </x:source>
    41114136<reference anchor="Part6">
    41124137  <front>
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