04/08/11 05:41:28 (11 years ago)

Clarify what should happen when a response is incomplete.
Disentangle the requirements surrounding conditional range
requests, strong validators, and recombining partial content
to remove redundant redundancy. Separate handling of 304
responses into a separate section on cache freshening.

Add definitions for "cache entry" and "cache key".
Improve introductions for caching and cache operation.

These changes should all be editorial, hopefully.
Tangentially related to #101 and #304.

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  • draft-ietf-httpbis/latest/p1-messaging.xml

    r1373 r1374  
    1717  <!ENTITY mdash "&#8212;">
    1818  <!ENTITY caching-overview       "<xref target='Part6' x:rel='#caching.overview' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    19   <!ENTITY cache-incomplete       "<xref target='Part6' x:rel='#errors.or.incomplete.response.cache.behavior' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
     19  <!ENTITY cache-incomplete       "<xref target='Part6' x:rel='#response.cacheability' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    2020  <!ENTITY payload                "<xref target='Part3' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    2121  <!ENTITY media-types            "<xref target='Part3' x:rel='#media.types' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    15611561   received response.
     1565<section anchor="incomplete.messages" title="Incomplete Messages">
    15641567   Request messages that are prematurely terminated, possibly due to a
    15661569   result in closure of the connection; sending an HTTP/1.1 error response
    15671570   prior to closing the connection is &OPTIONAL;.
    15681573   Response messages that are prematurely terminated, usually by closure
    15691574   of the connection prior to receiving the expected number of octets or by
    15701575   failure to decode a transfer-encoded message-body, &MUST; be recorded
    1571    as incomplete.  A user agent &MUST-NOT; render an incomplete response
    1572    message-body as if it were complete (i.e., some indication must be given
    1573    to the user that an error occurred).  Cache requirements for incomplete
    1574    responses are defined in &cache-incomplete;.
     1576   as incomplete.  A response that terminates in the middle of the header
     1577   block (before the empty line is received) cannot be assumed to convey the
     1578   full semantics of the response and &MUST-NOT; be stored by a cache.
     1581   A message-body that uses the chunked transfer encoding is
     1582   incomplete if the zero-sized chunk that terminates the encoding has not
     1583   been received.  A message that uses a valid Content-Length is incomplete
     1584   if the size of the message-body received (in octets) is less than the
     1585   value given by Content-Length.  A response that has neither chunked
     1586   transfer encoding nor Content-Length is terminated by closure of the
     1587   connection, and thus is considered complete regardless of the number of
     1588   message-body octets received, provided that the header block was received
     1589   intact.
     1592   A user agent &MUST-NOT; render an incomplete response message-body as if
     1593   it were complete (i.e., some indication must be given to the user that an
     1594   error occurred).  Cache requirements for incomplete responses are defined
     1595   in &cache-incomplete;.
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