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    4123 <section title="Acknowledgments" anchor="ack">
    4124 <t>
    4125    HTTP has evolved considerably over the years. It has
    4126    benefited from a large and active developer community &mdash; the many
    4127    people who have participated on the www-talk mailing list &mdash; and it is
    4128    that community which has been most responsible for the success of
    4129    HTTP and of the World-Wide Web in general. Marc Andreessen, Robert
    4130    Cailliau, Daniel W. Connolly, Bob Denny, John Franks, Jean-Francois
    4131    Groff, Phillip M. Hallam-Baker, Hakon W. Lie, Ari Luotonen, Rob
    4132    McCool, Lou Montulli, Dave Raggett, Tony Sanders, and Marc
    4133    VanHeyningen deserve special recognition for their efforts in
    4134    defining early aspects of the protocol.
    4135 </t>
    4136 <t>
    4137    This document has benefited greatly from the comments of all those
    4138    participating in the HTTP-WG. In addition to those already mentioned,
    4139    the following individuals have contributed to this specification:
    4140 </t>
    4141 <t>
    4142    Gary Adams, Harald Tveit Alvestrand, Keith Ball, Brian Behlendorf,
    4143    Paul Burchard, Maurizio Codogno, Josh Cohen, Mike Cowlishaw, Roman Czyborra,
    4144    Michael A. Dolan, Daniel DuBois, David J. Fiander, Alan Freier, Marc Hedlund, Greg Herlihy,
    4145    Koen Holtman, Alex Hopmann, Bob Jernigan, Shel Kaphan, Rohit Khare,
    4146    John Klensin, Martijn Koster, Alexei Kosut, David M. Kristol,
    4147    Daniel LaLiberte, Ben Laurie, Paul J. Leach, Albert Lunde,
    4148    John C. Mallery, Jean-Philippe Martin-Flatin, Mitra, David Morris,
    4149    Gavin Nicol, Ross Patterson, Bill Perry, Jeffrey Perry, Scott Powers, Owen Rees,
    4150    Luigi Rizzo, David Robinson, Marc Salomon, Rich Salz,
    4151    Allan M. Schiffman, Jim Seidman, Chuck Shotton, Eric W. Sink,
    4152    Simon E. Spero, Richard N. Taylor, Robert S. Thau,
    4153    Bill (BearHeart) Weinman, Francois Yergeau, Mary Ellen Zurko.
    4154 </t>
    4155 <t>
    4156    Thanks to the "cave men" of Palo Alto. You know who you are.
    4157 </t>
    4158 <t>
    4159    Jim Gettys (the editor of <xref target="RFC2616"/>) wishes particularly
    4160    to thank Roy Fielding, the editor of <xref target="RFC2068"/>, along
    4161    with John Klensin, Jeff Mogul, Paul Leach, Dave Kristol, Koen
    4162    Holtman, John Franks, Josh Cohen, Alex Hopmann, Scott Lawrence, and
    4163    Larry Masinter for their help. And thanks go particularly to Jeff
    4164    Mogul and Scott Lawrence for performing the "MUST/MAY/SHOULD" audit.
    4165 </t>
    4166 <t>
    4167    The Apache Group, Anselm Baird-Smith, author of Jigsaw, and Henrik
    4168    Frystyk implemented RFC 2068 early, and we wish to thank them for the
    4169    discovery of many of the problems that this document attempts to
    4170    rectify.
    4171 </t>
    4172 <t>
    4173    This specification makes heavy use of the augmented BNF and generic
    4174    constructs defined by David H. Crocker for <xref target="RFC5234"/>. Similarly, it
    4175    reuses many of the definitions provided by Nathaniel Borenstein and
    4176    Ned Freed for MIME <xref target="RFC2045"/>. We hope that their inclusion in this
    4177    specification will help reduce past confusion over the relationship
    4178    between HTTP and Internet mail message formats.
     4123<section title="Acknowledgments" anchor="acks">
     4125   This document revision builds on the work that went into
     4126   <xref target="RFC2616" format="none">RFC 2616</xref> and its predecessors.
     4127   See <xref target="RFC2616" x:fmt="of" x:sec="16"/> for detailed
     4128   acknowledgements.
     4131  <cref anchor="todoacks">Insert HTTPbis-specific acknowledgements here.</cref>
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