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Add templates for Changes sections throughout, remove intro specific to draft -00, enhance a few more inter-document references, cleanup some leftovers of the symref switchover.

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    r113 r115  
    1515  <!ENTITY ID-MONTH "December">
    1616  <!ENTITY ID-YEAR "2007">
    17   <!ENTITY caching                  "<xref target='Part6' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
     17  <!ENTITY caching-neg-resp         "<xref target='Part6' x:rel='#caching.negotiated.responses' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    1818  <!ENTITY header-transfer-encoding "<xref target='Part1' x:rel='#header.transfer-encoding' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    1919  <!ENTITY header-allow             "<xref target='Part2' x:rel='#header.allow' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    2323  <!ENTITY header-last-modified     "<xref target='Part4' x:rel='#header.last-modified' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    2424  <!ENTITY header-user-agent        "<xref target='Part2' x:rel='#header.user-agent' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
     25  <!ENTITY header-vary              "<xref target='Part6' x:rel='#header.vary' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    2526  <!ENTITY message-body             "<xref target='Part1' x:rel='#message.body' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    2627  <!ENTITY message-length           "<xref target='Part1' x:rel='#message.length' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    196197<note title="Editorial Note (To be removed by RFC Editor)">
    197198  <t>
    198     This version of the HTTP specification contains only minimal editorial
    199     changes from <xref target="RFC2616"/> (abstract, introductory paragraph,
    200     and authors' addresses).  All other changes are due to partitioning the
    201     original into seven mostly independent parts.  The intent is for readers
    202     of future drafts to able to use draft 00 as the basis for comparison
    203     when the WG makes later changes to the specification text.  This draft
    204     will shortly be followed by draft 01 (containing the first round of changes
    205     that have already been agreed to on the mailing list). There is no point in
    206     reviewing this draft other than to verify that the partitioning has been
    207     done correctly.  Roy T. Fielding, Yves Lafon, and Julian Reschke
    208     will be the editors after draft 00 is submitted.
    209   </t>
    210   <t>
    211199    Discussion of this draft should take place on the HTTPBIS working group
    212200    mailing list (ietf-http-wg@w3.org). The current issues list is
    290278   HTTP uses charset in two contexts: within an Accept-Charset request
    291279   header (in which the charset value is an unquoted token) and as the
    292    value of a parameter in a Content-type header (within a request or
     280   value of a parameter in a Content-Type header (within a request or
    293281   response), in which case the parameter value of the charset parameter
    294282   may be quoted.
    432420   Media-type values are registered with the Internet Assigned Number
    433421   Authority (IANA). The media type registration process is
    434    outlined in RFC 4288 <xref target="RFC4288"/>. Use of non-registered media types is
     422   outlined in <xref target="RFC4288"/>. Use of non-registered media types is
    435423   discouraged.
    762    The Vary header field &caching; can be used to express the parameters the
     750   The Vary header field (&header-vary;) can be used to express the parameters the
    763751   server uses to select a representation that is subject to server-driven
    764752   negotiation.
    12781266   later requests on that Content-Location URI. However, the Content-Location
    12791267   can be used to differentiate between multiple entities
    1280    retrieved from a single requested resource, as described in &caching;.
     1268   retrieved from a single requested resource, as described in &caching-neg-resp;.
    13021290<figure><artwork type="abnf2616"><iref primary="true" item="Grammar" subitem="Content-MD5"/><iref primary="true" item="Grammar" subitem="md5-digest"/>
    13031291     Content-MD5   = "Content-MD5" ":" md5-digest
    1304      md5-digest   = &lt;base64 of 128 bit MD5 digest as per RFC 1864&gt;
     1292     md5-digest   = &lt;base64 of 128 bit MD5 digest as per <xref target="RFC1864"/>&gt;
    21132101   version of the MIME protocol was used to construct the message. Use
    21142102   of the MIME-Version header field indicates that the message is in
    2115    full compliance with the MIME protocol (as defined in RFC 2045<xref target="RFC2045"/>).
     2103   full compliance with the MIME protocol (as defined in <xref target="RFC2045"/>).
    21162104   Proxies/gateways are responsible for ensuring full compliance (where
    21172105   possible) when exporting HTTP messages to strict MIME environments.
    21312119   <xref target="RFC2045"/> requires that an Internet mail entity be converted to
    2132    canonical form prior to being transferred, as described in section <xref target="RFC2049" x:fmt="of" x:sec="4"/>.
     2120   canonical form prior to being transferred, as described in <xref target="RFC2049" x:fmt="of" x:sec="4"/>.
    21332121   <xref target="canonicalization.and.text.defaults"/> of this document describes the forms
    21342122   allowed for subtypes of the "text" media type when transmitted over
     2299<section title="Change Log (to be removed by RFC Editor before publication)">
     2301<section title="Since RFC2616">
     2303  Extracted relevant partitions from <xref target="RFC2616"/>.
     2307<section title="Since draft-ietf-httpbis-p3-payload-00">
     2309  TBD.
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