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HTTPbis Working Group R. Fielding, Ed.
Internet-Draft Adobe
Intended status: Standards Track Y. Lafon, Ed.
Expires: January 17, 2013 W3C
J. Reschke, Ed.
July 16, 2012
HTTP/1.1, part 3: Message Payload and Content Negotiation
This part is now obsolete. Please see HTTPbis, Part 2.
Status of This Memo
This Internet-Draft is submitted in full conformance with the
provisions of BCP 78 and BCP 79.
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Task Force (IETF). Note that other groups may also distribute
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This Internet-Draft will expire on January 17, 2013.
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than English.
Table of Contents
1. Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
1. Introduction
This part is now obsolete. Please see HTTPbis, Part 2. See also
Authors' Addresses
Roy T. Fielding (editor)
Adobe Systems Incorporated
345 Park Ave
San Jose, CA 95110
EMail: fielding@gbiv.com
URI: http://roy.gbiv.com/
Yves Lafon (editor)
World Wide Web Consortium
2004, rte des Lucioles
Sophia-Antipolis, AM 06902
EMail: ylafon@w3.org
URI: http://www.raubacapeu.net/people/yves/
Julian F. Reschke (editor)
greenbytes GmbH
Hafenweg 16
Muenster, NW 48155
EMail: julian.reschke@greenbytes.de
URI: http://greenbytes.de/tech/webdav/
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