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1The -06 drafts contain quite a number of substantive changes, plus major
2rewrites in Parts 1 (URIs, Connections, and Message Parsing) and 6 (Caching).
3All non-editorial changes should be mentioned in the "Changes Since ..."
4appendices; diffs are available from (linked from the HTMLized
5versions) and from
8The top changes are:
10- Many parts of Part 6 (Caching) have been rewritten from scratch, resulting
11  in a more concise spec. There are several open issues and TODOS related
12  to this change, so please carefully review this part in general, and also
13  pay attention to the inlined comments.
15- All the issues around the BNF format and implied LWS have been resolved, see
16  <> for details.
18- In Part 1, the HTTP URL definition has been updated to be based on RFC 3986,
19  quite some text in the introductory chapters has been updated, and lots
20  of historic stuff (better summarized in RFC 3986) has been removed.
22We think the issue below have been resolved with these drafts, and are
23planning to close them soon:
25- #30: "Header LWS" (<>)
26- #63: "RFC2047 encoded words" (<>)
27- #74: "Character Encodings in TEXT" (<>)
28- #77: "Line folding" (<>)
29- #83: "OPTIONS * and proxies" (<>)
30- #85: "Custom Ranges" (<>)
31- #111: "Use of TEXT" (<>)
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