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Proposed patch removing the deprecation and describing potential issues.

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    20132013  <x:ref>qdtext-nf</x:ref>      = <x:ref>HTAB</x:ref> / <x:ref>SP</x:ref> / %x21 / %x23-5B / %x5D-7E / <x:ref>obs-text</x:ref>
    2016    Chunk extensions within the chunked transfer coding are deprecated.
    2017    A sender &SHOULD-NOT; send chunk-ext.
    2018    Definition of new chunk extensions is discouraged.
     2016   Chunk extensions need to be used carefully because use of chunking does not
     2017   have any semantics related to the message; it is by definition hop-by-hop
     2018   and thus can be removed/reformatted by any intermediary.
     2019   Furthermore, few implementations expose information about their contents.
    20212022   The chunk-size field is a string of hex digits indicating the size of
    51145115  Chunk length does not include the count of the octets in the
    51155116  chunk header and trailer.
    5116   Use of chunk extensions is deprecated, and line folding in them is
    5117   disallowed.
     5117  Line folding in chunk extensions is  disallowed.
    51185118  (<xref target="chunked.encoding"/>)
    54915491  Closed issues:
    54925492  <list style="symbols">
    54935493    <t>
     5494      <eref target="http://tools.ietf.org/wg/httpbis/trac/ticket/343"/>:
     5495      "chunk-extensions" (removed the earlier deprecation)
     5496    </t>
     5497    <t>
    54945498      <eref target="http://tools.ietf.org/wg/httpbis/trac/ticket/483"/>:
    54955499      "MUST fix Content-Length?"
    54965500    </t>