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  • p1-messaging.xml

    3333  <!ENTITY status-codes           "<xref target='Part2' x:rel='#status.codes' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    3434  <!ENTITY status-100             "<xref target='Part2' x:rel='#status.100' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    3535  <!ENTITY status-1xx             "<xref target='Part2' x:rel='#status.1xx' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
     36  <!ENTITY status-203             "<xref target='Part2' x:rel='#status.203' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    3637  <!ENTITY status-3xx             "<xref target='Part2' x:rel='#status.3xx' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    3738  <!ENTITY status-414             "<xref target='Part2' x:rel='#status.414' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    709710   organization) that selected the proxy and are beyond the scope of
    710711   this specification.  However, when a proxy is not intended to transform
    711712   a given message, we use the term "<x:dfn>non-transforming proxy</x:dfn>" to target
    712    requirements that preserve HTTP message semantics.
     713   requirements that preserve HTTP message semantics. See &status-203; and
     714   &header-warning; for status and warning codes related to transformations.
    714716<t><iref primary="true" item="gateway"/><iref primary="true" item="reverse proxy"/>
    715717<iref primary="true" item="accelerator"/>
  • p2-semantics.xml

    2828  <!ENTITY basic-rules                "<xref target='Part1' x:rel='#basic.rules' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    2929  <!ENTITY uri                        "<xref target='Part1' x:rel='#uri' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    3030  <!ENTITY effective-request-uri      "<xref target='Part1' x:rel='#effective.request.uri' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
     31  <!ENTITY intermediaries             "<xref target='Part1' x:rel='#intermediaries' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    3132  <!ENTITY full-date                  "<xref target='Part1' x:rel='#date.time.formats.full.date' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    3233  <!ENTITY http-url                   "<xref target='Part1' x:rel='#http-url' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    3334  <!ENTITY http-version               "<xref target='Part1' x:rel='#http.version' xmlns:x='http://purl.org/net/xml2rfc/ext'/>">
    14021403  <iref primary="true" item="203 Non-Authoritative Information (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
    14031404  <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="203 Non-Authoritative Information" x:for-anchor=""/>
    1405    The returned metadata in the header fields is not the
    1406    definitive set as available from the origin server, but is gathered
    1407    from a local or a third-party copy. The set presented &MAY; be a subset
    1408    or superset of the original version. For example, including local
    1409    annotation information about the resource might result in a superset
    1410    of the metadata known by the origin server. Use of this
    1411    response code is not required and is only appropriate when the
    1412    response would otherwise be 200 (OK).
     1406   The representation in the response has been transformed or otherwise
     1407   modified by a transforming proxy (&intermediaries;).  Note that the
     1408   behaviour of transforming intermediaries is controlled by the no-transform
     1409   Cache-Control directive (&header-cache-control;).
     1412   This status code is only appropriate when the response status code would
     1413   have been 200 (OK) otherwise. When the status code before transformation
     1414   would have been different, the 214 Transformation Applied warn-code
     1415   (&header-warning;) is appropriate.
    14151418   Caches &MAY; use a heuristic (see &p6-heuristic;) to determine
    14161419   freshness for 203 responses.
    14211423<section title="204 No Content" anchor="status.204">
    35103512  (<xref target="CONNECT"/>)
     3515  Broadened the definition of 203 (Non-Authoritative Information) to include
     3516  cases of payload transformations as well.
     3517  (<xref target="status.203"/>)
    35133520  Failed to consider that there are
    35143521  many other request methods that are safe to automatically redirect,
    35153522  and further that the user agent is able to make that determination
    41284135      <eref target="http://tools.ietf.org/wg/httpbis/trac/ticket/294"/>:
    41294136      "clarify 403 forbidden"
    41304137    </t>
     4138    <t>
     4139      <eref target="http://tools.ietf.org/wg/httpbis/trac/ticket/296"/>:
     4140      "Clarify 203 Non-Authoritative Information"
     4141    </t>
    41314142  </list>