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proposed patch for P1 and P2

  • p1-messaging.xml

    32473247   The "Upgrade" general-header field allows the client to specify what
    32483248   additional communication protocols it would like to use, if the server
    3249    chooses to switch protocols. Additionally, the server &MUST; use the Upgrade
    3250    header field within a 101 (Switching Protocols) response to indicate which
    3251    protocol(s) are being switched to.
     3249   chooses to switch protocols. Servers can use it to indicate what protocols
     3250   they are willing to switch to.
    32533252<figure><artwork type="abnf2616"><iref primary="true" item="Grammar" subitem="Upgrade"/><iref primary="true" item="Grammar" subitem="Upgrade-v"/>
    32543253  <x:ref>Upgrade</x:ref>   = "Upgrade" ":" <x:ref>OWS</x:ref> <x:ref>Upgrade-v</x:ref>
    32953294   appropriate to use a 3xx redirection response (&status-3xx;).
     3297   Servers &MUST; include the "Upgrade" header field in 101 (Switching
     3298   Protocols) responses to indicate which protocol(s) are being switched to,
     3299   and &MUST; include it in 426 (Upgrade Required) responses to indicate
     3300   acceptable protocols to upgrade to. Servers &MAY; include it in any other
     3301   response to indicate that they are willing to upgrade to one of the
     3302   specified protocols.
    32983305   This specification only defines the protocol name "HTTP" for use by
    32993306   the family of Hypertext Transfer Protocols, as defined by the HTTP
    33003307   version rules of <xref target="http.version"/> and future updates to this
    48924899  Clarify exactly when close connection options must be sent.
    48934900  (<xref target="header.connection"/>)
     4903  Define the semantics of the "Upgrade" header field in responses other than
     4904  101 (this was incorporated from <xref target="RFC2817"/>).
     4905  (<xref target="header.upgrade"/>)
    56935705      <eref target="http://tools.ietf.org/wg/httpbis/trac/ticket/233"/>:
    56945706      "Is * usable as a request-uri for new methods?"
    56955707    </t>
     5708    <t>
     5709      <eref target="http://tools.ietf.org/wg/httpbis/trac/ticket/240"/>:
     5710      "Migrate Upgrade details from RFC2817"
     5711    </t>
    56965712  </list>
  • p2-semantics.xml

    611611     / "415"  ; <xref target="status.415"/>: Unsupported Media Type
    612612     / "416"  ; &status-416;: Requested range not satisfiable
    613613     / "417"  ; <xref target="status.417"/>: Expectation Failed
     614     / "426"  ; <xref target="status.426"/>: Update Required
    614615     / "500"  ; <xref target="status.500"/>: Internal Server Error
    615616     / "501"  ; <xref target="status.501"/>: Not Implemented
    616617     / "502"  ; <xref target="status.502"/>: Bad Gateway
    19511952   by the next-hop server.
     1956<section title="426 Update Required" anchor="status.426">
     1957  <iref primary="true" item="426 Update Required (status code)" x:for-anchor=""/>
     1958  <iref primary="true" item="Status Codes" subitem="426 Update Required" x:for-anchor=""/>
     1960   The request can not be completed without a prior protocol upgrade. This
     1961   response &MUST; include an Upgrade header field (&header-upgrade;)
     1962   specifying the required protocols.
     1966<artwork type="message/http; msgtype=&#34;request&#34;" x:indent-with="  ">
     1967HTTP/1.1 426 Upgrade Required
     1968Upgrade: HTTP/2.0
     1969Connection: Upgrade
     1973   The server &SHOULD; include a message body in the 426 response which
     1974   indicates in human readable form the reason for the error and describes any
     1975   alternative courses which may be available to the user.
    19561980<section title="Server Error 5xx" anchor="status.5xx">
    34493473  (<xref target="status.305"/>)
     3476  Define status 426 (Upgrade Required) (this was incorporated from
     3477  <xref target="RFC2817"/>).
     3478  (<xref target="status.426"/>)
    34523481  Reclassify "Allow" as response header field, removing the option to
    34533482  specify it in a PUT request.
    34543483  Relax the server requirement on the contents of the Allow header field and
    39974026      <eref target="http://tools.ietf.org/wg/httpbis/trac/ticket/239"/>:
    39984027      "Migrate CONNECT from RFC2817 to p2"
    39994028    </t>
     4029    <t>
     4030      <eref target="http://tools.ietf.org/wg/httpbis/trac/ticket/240"/>:
     4031      "Migrate Upgrade details from RFC2817"
     4032    </t>
    40004033  </list>