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Proposed patch for part 6.

  • p6-cache.xml

    14211421  Multiple warnings can be attached to a response (either by the origin server or by
    1422   a cache), including multiple warnings with the same code number. For example, a server
    1423   might provide the same warning with texts in both English and Basque.
     1422  a cache), including multiple warnings with the same code number, only differing
     1423  in warn-text.
    14261426  When this occurs, the user agent &SHOULD; inform the user of as many of them as
    1427   possible, in the order that they appear in the response. If it is not possible to inform
    1428   the user of all of the warnings, the user agent &SHOULD; follow these heuristics:
    1429   <list style="symbols">
    1430     <t>Warnings that appear early in the response take priority over those appearing later
    1431       in the response.</t>
    1432     <t>Warnings in the user's preferred character set take priority over warnings in other
    1433       character sets but with identical warn-codes and warn-agents.</t>
    1434   </list>
     1427  possible, in the order that they appear in the response.
    14371430  Systems that generate multiple Warning headers &SHOULD; order them with this user
    14521445  </list>
    1455   The warn-text &SHOULD; be in a natural language and character set that is most likely
    1456   to be intelligible to the human user receiving the response. This decision can be based on
    1457   any available knowledge, such as the location of the cache or user, the Accept-Language
    1458   field in a request, the Content-Language field in a response, etc. The default language is
    1459   English and the default character set is ISO-8859-1 (<xref target="ISO-8859-1" />).
    1460 </t>
    1461 <t>
    1462   If a character set other than ISO-8859-1 is used, it &MUST; be encoded in the
    1463   warn-text using the method described in <xref target="RFC2047" />.
    1464 </t>
    1465 <t>
    14661448  If an implementation sends a message with one or more Warning headers to a receiver whose
    14671449  version is HTTP/1.0 or lower, then the sender &MUST; include in each warning-value a
    14681450  warn-date that matches the Date header in the message.
    16621644<references title="Normative References">
    1664   <reference anchor="ISO-8859-1">
    1665     <front>
    1666       <title> Information technology -- 8-bit single-byte coded graphic character sets -- Part
    1667         1: Latin alphabet No. 1 </title>
    1668       <author>
    1669         <organization>International Organization for Standardization</organization>
    1670       </author>
    1671       <date year="1998" />
    1672     </front>
    1673     <seriesInfo name="ISO/IEC" value="8859-1:1998" />
    1674   </reference>
    16761646  <reference anchor="Part1">
    16771647    <front>
    16781648      <title abbrev="HTTP/1.1">HTTP/1.1, part 1: URIs, Connections, and Message Parsing</title>
    19431913    <x:source basename="p7-auth" href="p7-auth.xml" />
    19441914  </reference>
    1946   <reference anchor="RFC2047">
    1947     <front>
    1948       <title abbrev="Message Header Extensions">MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions)
    1949         Part Three: Message Header Extensions for Non-ASCII Text</title>
    1950       <author fullname="Keith Moore" initials="K." surname="Moore">
    1951         <organization>University of Tennessee</organization>
    1952         <address><email>moore@cs.utk.edu</email></address>
    1953       </author>
    1954       <date month="November" year="1996" />
    1955     </front>
    1956     <seriesInfo name="RFC" value="2047" />
    1957   </reference>
    19591916  <reference anchor="RFC2119">
    19601917    <front>
    19611918      <title>Key words for use in RFCs to Indicate Requirement Levels</title>
    21192076  Clarify denial of service attack avoidance requirement.
    21202077  (<xref target="invalidation.after.updates.or.deletions" />)
     2080  Do not mention RFC 2047 encoding and multiple languages in Warning headers
     2081  anymore, as these aspects never were implemented.
     2082  (<xref target="header.warning" />)
    21242086    </section>
    23462308<section anchor="changes.since.07" title="Since draft-ietf-httpbis-p6-cache-07">
    2348   None.
     2310  Closed issues:
     2311  <list style="symbols">
     2312    <t>
     2313      <eref target="http://tools.ietf.org/wg/httpbis/trac/ticket/187"/>:
     2314      "RFC2047 and warn-text"
     2315    </t>
     2316  </list>