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RAI-ART Reviewers

RAI Area Directors: Robert Sparks, Gonzalo Camarillo

Gen-ART secretary: Mary Barnes

The RAI Area review team is made up of the RAI Area WG chairs and key WG contributors:

  • Eric Burger
  • Ben Campbell
  • Spencer Dawkins
  • Keith Drage
  • Charles Eckel
  • Roni Even
  • Miguel Garcia
  • Vijay Gurbani
  • Alan Johnston
  • Daryl Malas
  • Paul Kyzivat
  • Jon Peterson
  • Eric Rescorla
  • Adam Roach
  • Shida Schubert
  • Jason Livengood
  • Martin Stiemerling
  • Hannes Tschofenig
  • Dean Willis

New volunteers should send an email to the RAI ADs, copying the RAI-ART secretary.

Other than being a chair within RAI, the other qualifications for participation on the team are being active in RAI WGs and/or authoring one or more WG documents in the RAI area. And, it's perfectly fine for both WG chairs to be on the team, just let us know.