Change History for DatatrackerReviewToolHowto

Version Date Author Comment
10 15 months mahoney@… Added link to the ticket tracker, link to draft's email aliases
9 16 months mahoney@… Lefthand menu is now gone, updated steps
8 2 years mahoney@… Update to track fix to tickets 2148, 2149
7 3 years mahoney@… fixed some nits pointed out by intdir
6 3 years mahoney@… Added URI to "My reviews" page
5 3 years mahoney@… removed info about "close review' button, not visible to reviewers
4 3 years mahoney@… formatting
3 3 years mahoney@… Added note about link to review on draft's datatracker page.
2 3 years mahoney@… added info about closing assignments
1 3 years mahoney@… New how-to page for the Datatracker review tool