Sunday Tutorials
*Newcomer's Tutorial (English)
*Routing Area Overview (Adrian Farrell, Jeff Haas)
*Document Editing and Shepherding (Barry Leiba)
*Measurements Tutorial (Vinayak Hegde)
*SDN OpenFlow & ForCES (Yaakov Stein, Evangelos Haleplidis)

WG Chairs Training
*SDO Engagement Slides (Scott Mansfield, Ralph Droms, Suzanne Woolf)
*SDO Engagement Meeting Notes


Edu Team Meeting Minutes
*Edu Team Meeting Minutes 21 July 2015

Action Points from IETF 92
*Brian will send new version of job description to list (DONE)
*All to review job description before end of April
*Mir will follow-up with Nalini and Sarah re. joining Edu Team before end of April (DONE)
*Mir to contact inactive edu team members (DONE)
*Jari will reach out to Benoit re. open daylight/open source community (DONE) (What do we need to do next?)
*Jari will reach out to IESG about potential names (DONE)
*Jari will reach out to WG chairs about the video ideas

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