Education and Mentoring Directorate -- Current Projects:

This list of projects is under review pending appointment of new EMODIR leadership.

Below is a list of current and potential Education and Mentoring projects. Volunteers to help with any and all these projects are encouraged and welcome. Please contact the person identified as the POC for the project for details on how to contribute to the project. We need your help!

1. F2F Tutorials at IETF Meetings

Identify, develop, and publicize relevant tutorials for IETF F2F meetings. Identify topics, solicit subject matter experts, develop session materials and format (tutorial, workshop, etc), and publicize the sessions to attendees. Evolve structure of F2F sessions for reuse as part of the online learning library discussed below. Develop a roadmap for tutorial sessions going forward.

Project Lead: Mirjam Kuehne (mir at ripe dot net)

2. Online Learning Library Expansion of the tutorial program beyond F2F tutorials and development of a portfolio of educational materials geared to online learning. Project will determine what kind of format for online tutorials, recruit subject matter experts for each tutorial, and facilitate the development and production of new tutorial material. This project addresses the development, production, and retrieval of online materials leveraging the F2F tutorials where possible.

Project Lead: (TBD) (Karen O'Donoghue for roadmap and finding a project lead (odonoghue at isoc dot org))

3. Guides

The IETF guides project aims to introduce newcomers to the IETF to experienced participants through two sub-programs:

IETF Quick Connections: An hour long session pairing 20 newcomers and 20 experienced participants in short 5-10 minute rotational rounds. It has a goal of getting friendly faces to warmly welcome newcomers to their first IETF and pass off a tip or two to first time visitors.

Operational Plan: Starting a few weeks before an IETF, request participants from both seasoned IETF members and newcomers. Hold a session an hour before the opening reception.

Longer term goals: Work toward a format that best suits the needs of the newcomers and suitably attracts the needed guides.

Guides Program: Goal: match seasoned IETF participants with newcomers at the start of the IETF week, providing the newcomer with a helpful resource to get them started in their IETF week. The advice and introduction provided by the guides should speed up the time it takes for participants to become active, contributing members of the IETF and to further their goals in reaching the next level of participation.

Operational Plan: Starting a few weeks before an IETF, the Guides Team leads will send out a request to IETF participants to recruit previous and new guides at Another note will be sent to the newcomers mailing list for people that wish to be paired with a guides to also register at . This site allows both guides and participants to indicate subjects of interest, countries and languages they associate with, and other background information that helps the Guides Leads perform appropriate pairing.

Longer term goals: Develop and document the guides process in an open and transparent manner (eg, on this wiki), recruit a set of guides willing to participate in the program on a regular basis, develop starting documentation to hand to guides about topics they wish to communicate about with their partipant(s), and to create a founding basis that will be a sustainable program over the future guided by input from all participants (IETF leadership, mentors and guides participants).

Project Leads: Wes Hardaker (ietf at hardakers dot dot net), Reese Enghardt, and Paul Wouters (paul at nohats dot ca).

Regional Guides: Although not an official edu-team project, a number of volunteers have offered to help newcomers from their region get introduced to the IETF. More information can be found on the RegionalGuides page.

4. Assessment Metrics and Measurement

Define the desired outcomes and metrics to ensure the directorate is making progress. Develop a plan and processes to regularly assess how well current activities are working for target audiences and what other activities might be useful.

Project Lead: (TBD) (Karen O'Donoghue for initial metrics and finding a project lead (odonoghue at isoc dot org))

5. EDU Team Online Content Assessment and Reorganization

Reorganize existing educational materials to make sure the most current and relevant materials are easily accessible via and other channels (such as the IETF YouTube? channel), and that other EDU Team content is properly archived. Existing content includes video tutorials, web pages, and presentation slides. This is a short term task that once completed will be maintained as part of the ongoing document maintenance project.

Project Lead: Greg Wood (wood at isoc dot org)

6. WG Chairs Forum

Provide training and a discussion forum to facilitate the development of effective IETF WG Chairs. This project is focused on evolving the F2F WG chairs activities.

Project Lead: Karen O’Donoghue (odonoghue at isoc dot org)

7. Ongoing Document Maintenance

Update and provide ongoing editorship for core documents for IETF newcomers. Develop new materials and retire old materials based on information about their effectiveness. Manage translation, as required. Documents include:

  • Tao of the IETF
  • Newcomers pages on the IETF website
  • General “About the IETF” documents

Project Lead: (TBD) (Greg Wood temporarily (wood at isoc dot org))

Potential Future Projects:

In addition to the established projects discussed above, this directorate plans to identify various experiments in this space. There will be a light weight process defined to frame an experiment. Those experiments that are successful will then be operationalized as appropriate. Some of the projects being discussed in this space include:

  1. Webinars
  2. IETF Labs
  3. Education and Mentoring in support of University Outreach
  4. Education and Mentoring in support of Open Source Project Outreach
  5. Education and Mentoring in support of New Region Outreach

Contact Information:

Karen O'Donoghue (odonoghue at isoc dot org)

General Area Director:
Alissa Cooper (alissa at cooper dot in)

Mailing Lists:

Open list for Edu, Mentoring, Outreach etc: edu-team@…

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