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IETF India-Local Community

The IETF India-Local Community have been meeting informally for a long time. They set up IIESoc (India Internet Engineering Society) in 2017 with a mission to bridge the gap between India and Internet Standards. It is a group of engineers from India, Indian diaspora and otherwise, all working towards increasing participation from India in the process of Internet Standardization. more

Anyone interested in participating in the IETF or discussing related technical topics is more than welcome.

Contact Information For coordination of IETF-related activities in India

  • You can contact Dhruv Dhody <dhruv.ietf at> or Vinayak Hegde <vinayakh at> for details.



A RFCs We Love meet-up in Bangalore where participants talk about the RFCs we all love, and bring in unique perspectives from implementation, deployment, testing, authorship about a particular RFC or draft.

Here is the list of the past meetings -

# Meetup 1 in January 2017 where Chillar Anand talked about UTF-8 (RFC 3629) Slide Video and Govind showed us the implementation of TOTP (RFC 6238) Code Video.

# Meetup 2 in Feburary 2017 where Nemo discussed about HPACK (RFC 7541) Video and Kracekumar talked about RFC 1178 (Choosing a name for your computer) Slide Video.

# Meetup 3 in April 2017 where Dhruv Dhody described SFC Architecture (RFC 7665) Slide Video

# Meetup 4 in September 2017 where Dhruv made an introduction to IIESoc; Vipul Mathur deep dived into Websocket (RFC 6455) Slide and long polling in HTTP (RFC 6202) Slide; Vinayak discussed the plans for connections event.

# Meetup 5 in October 2017 where Nemo talked about HMAC (RFC2104) Slide and Anmol dived into CoAP (RFC7252) Slide.

# Meetup 6 in May 2018 with a focus on IoT with following topics -

# Meetup 7 on September 2018 with a focus on IoT and Security -

  • IoT and IETF: WGs 6lo, lwig, roll, core, lpwan, 6tisch & ace by Rahul
  • DNS and TLS in IoT Environments by Balaji Rajendran
  • IoT security: challenges and solutions, the state of the art for the relevant IETF draft by Dr. A. Paventhan
  • Challenges in building IoT systems for cars and cycles by Vinayak
  • F-Interop: Remote Interoperability, Conformance and Performance Tests for the Internet of Things by Adrash B U
  • Monitoring and application of In-situ OAM in resource constrained networks by Swetha Bandari & Srijith
  • Connections 2018 by Dhruv
  • All Slides
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# Meetup 8 on 19th January 2019 with focus on SP & DC networks -

  • BGP routing in DC by Kannan
  • Multicast via BIER (Bit Index Explicit Replication) by Senthil
  • Traffic engineering in WAN Networks by Shraddha
  • All Slides
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# Meetup 9 on 2nd March 2019 with focus on Transport and Application area -

# Meetup 10 is planned on 16th March 2019 in Kolkata


# Connections 2017

  • A two day event was organized in Bangalore just before IETF 100.
  • The event consists of a full-day Conference on 8th November 2017 and a Hackathon on 9th November 2017.
  • There were 4 tracks for the event (both conference and hackathon) - Applications, Security, Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Internet of Things (IoT).
  • We had a star studded lineup of International and Indian speakers such as Fred Baker (former chair of IETF), Paul Wouters, Syam Madanapalli, Elliot Lear, Carsten Bormann, Vishnu Pavan Beeram and many more. See list of speakers.
  • You can find the abstract and videos at this page.

# Connections 2018

  • Connections 2018 was organized in Bangalore just before IETF 103 on Oct 31st - Nov 1st 2018.
  • The 2 day event included 4 tracks on IoT, SDN & network operations, IPv6 and a deployment track.
  • We had a great set of speakers Adrian Farrel, Lee Howard, Michael Richardson, Mohit Sethi, Shraddha Hegde, Eliot Lear, Ali Sajassi just to name a few.
  • See this for details including videos, slides, pics etc.

# Connections 2019

  • Planned in Kolkatta on Nov 13-14, just before IETF 106 in Singapore.


  • See the various videos of the events organized and read about it happening at this blog.