The aim of DDoS Open Threat Signaling (DOTS) is to develop a standards based approach for the realtime signaling of DDoS related telemetry and threat handling requests and data between elements concerned with DDoS attack detection, classification, traceback, and mitigation.

DOTS in GitHub

The working group authors use the dotswg project in github for working versions of the documents and to track issues. Each document uses a distinct repository.


The following are implementations of DOTS.

Name Language Role Signal Version Data Version Comments/Features/Limitations
go-dots (NTT) Go Client+Server -11 -02
NCC Group Client+Server -22 -18
Arbor Networks Client -17

If you are an implementer please let the working group know about your work and any issues you've found with the drafts by sending comments to the mailing list.

Public Test Servers

The following are public test servers for DOTS.

Name Signal Version Data Version URL Comments/Features/Limitations
NCC Group -22 -18 Signal
* coaps://
* coaps://
* coaps+tcp://
* coaps+tcp://

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