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The DISPATCH WG is chartered to bring on new work in the ART area and provide a conduit for new drafts, ideas and potential WGs. We're like a matchmaker between keen engineers and IETF processes/groups/procedures. DISPATCH is a catalyst to make recommendations to ADs or Chairs, based on the wisdom of the group – we don't make the decisions ourselves.

Please get in touch with the chairs if you have questions: Kirsty and Patrick, dispatch-chairs@… It's tough navigating the IETF and we're here to help.

I want to be dispatched, what do I do?

Bring up your intentions on the DISPATCH list (i.e. please send an email with your idea or draft to dispatch@…) and if you want agenda time, email the chairs (see "How to get on the agenda" below): dispatch-chairs@…

It's easier to dispatch work when it's been discussed on the mailing list; it gives the group a good idea of what the work will involve. Even if there's not much interest or chatter, it lets participants see what is coming up at the meeting and can help discussion in the meeting.

It's also usually helpful to bring a "charter" for your work – a simple page that sets out the problem statement, the scope, goals and non-goals, and deliverables. Even if you don't need or want a WG, it helps set out the scope of what you want to do.

DISPATCH is not the only path to getting work started in the ART area, but it can helpful to expedite many cases. New work items are dispatched in various ways depending upon the scope and applicability of the work. Possible recommendations as a result of a DISPATCH meeting are:

  • New work item in currently chartered WG
  • New WG
  • Full BoF
  • Individual/AD sponsored - for items limited in scope and applicability
  • Feedback to refine the idea for the next meeting cycle
  • New work item in DISPATCH WG
  • Declination to adopt the work at that time

How to get on the agenda

Email the chairs and email the dispatch list. If you email at least 4 weeks before the meeting to ask for a slot, you go to the front of the list for agenda time. But get in touch anyway if you missed this soft deadline and we'll see what we can do.

The chairs will aim to announce topics that have been dispatched for a particular IETF meeting 4 weeks before the meeting starts and update as necessary. Please cut us slack whilst there's a global pandemic and plenty of cyber attacks going on.

A complete list of deadlines for IETF meetings is available here:

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