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The DISPATCH WG in the ART area is chartered to review new work in the ART area. Based on mailing list discussion, if there is sufficient interest, willingness to contribute and WG consensus, new work items are dispatched in various ways depending upon the scope and applicability of the work. Mailing list discussions should focus on the problem statement, objectives and deliverables in the form of a proposed charter. Note, that not all new work items are required to be discussed in the DISPATCH WG - exceptions are items that clearly fit within the chart of an existing WG (in this case those WG chairs should be contacted) and in the case of topics that would clearly require an official Bof (in which case the ADs should be contacted).

The following summarizes the current dispatchment options:

  • New work item in DISPATCH WG for registrations only
  • New work item in currently chartered WG
  • New WG
  • IETF official BoF - typically for work items that are of broad interest and potential impact within the ART area and across areas.
  • Individual/AD sponsored - for items limited in scope and applicability

IETF-106 Deadlines

  • Oct 4, 2019. Cutoff date for IETF BoF submissions.
  • Oct 7, 2019. Cutoff date to notify the chairs/DISPATCH WG of plans to submit a proposal/topic.
  • Oct 14, 2019. Cutoff for proposals (i.e., problem statement and proposed deliverables) for topics posted to the DISPATCH WG mailing list.
  • Oct 21, 2019. Announcement of topics that have been dispatched for IETF-105.
  • Nov 4, 2019. Draft submission deadline.

A complete list of deadlines for IETF-106 is available here:

Working with Deadlines

  • If you make the deadlines, you go to the front of the list for agenda time.
  • If you miss the deadlines, you go behind "Any Other Business" in terms of priority.
  • Please start draft names with: draft-<your-name-here>-dispatch-


The following summarizes the work items that have been dispatched or are in the process of being dispatched. Please note that this is *not* a complete summary of the topics discussed in DISPATCH, but rather the items that have been put forth for discussion at the meetings and/or agreed to be progressed. The status of the work items still underway is periodically posted to the DISPATCH WG mailing list. Please note that up-to-date charters are available on the DISPATCH or topic specific mailing list (s).

IETF-105 topics

  • Web Transport: Agreement to pursue a formal BoF.

IETF-104 topics

  • Relay User Machine (RUM) : RUM WG chartered.

  • JSON Contact: Discussion to continue on DISPATCH mailing list.
  • Web Packaging: Agreement to pursue a formal BoF.

IETF-103 topics

  • HTTP Header Registry: Agreement with proposal to split.

IETF-102 topics

IETF-101 topics

IETF-100 topics

  • Zstandard compression: AD sponsored. Published as RFC 8478.

IETF-99 topics

  • ECMAscript Media type updates: Dispatched to DISPATCH WG

  • DNS Over HTTPS: DOH WG chartered.
  • Web Packaging: See IETF-104.

IETF-98 topics

  • Web Linking: AD sponsored. Published as RFC 8288.
  • Q.850 Reason Location: Dispatched to SIPCORE WG.
  • Cryptographic Update to DKIM: DCRUP WG chartered.

IETF-97 topics

  • VoIP Spam: Dispatched to SIPCORE WG.
  • Regular Expressions for Email: See IETF-103.

IETF-96 topics

  • Signalling one-click functionality for list email headers: AD sponsored. Published as RFC 8058.

IETF-95 topics

  • Best Practices for Securing RTP Media Signaled with SIP: SIPBrandy WG chartered.
  • IANA Registration of SIP Resource- Priority Namespace for Mission Critical Push To Talk service: AD sponsored. Published as RFC 8101.

IETF-94 topics

  • An Opportunistic Approach for Secure Real-time Transport Protocol: See IETF-95 SIPBrandy WG.

IETF-93 topics

  • GEOJson: GEOJSON WG chartered.
  • FFV1/Matroska: Proposed CELLAR WG.
  • Via header field parameter for received realm: AD sponsored. Published as RFC 8055.
  • Selection of Language for Internet Media (SLIM): SLIM WG chartered.

IETF-92 topics

  • GEOJson: see IETF-93

  • Cause URI for service number translation. AD sponsored. Published as RFC 8119

IETF-91 topics

IETF-90 topics

  • Webpush: WEBPUSH WG chartered.
  • SIP URI Inter Operator Traffic Leg (IOTL) parameter: AD sponsored. Published as RFC 7549
  • Mobile Equipment Identity (MEID) URNs: AD sponsored. Published as RFC 8464

IETF-89 topics

IETF-88 topics

  • SDP negotiation of Data Channel sub-protocols: Dispatched to MMUSIC WG.

IETF-87 topics

No topics dispatched. See mailing list for some of the topics that were proposed:

IETF-86 topics

  • SIP/XMPP: STOX WG chartered
  • Logging: General support for adopting this work. Dispatched to INSIPID WG.
  • SIP Usage for Trickle ICE: Dispatched to MMUSIC WG.
  • BFCP over websockets: Dispatched to BFCPBIS WG.
  • MSRP over Websockets: AD sponsored. Published as RFC 7977

IETF-85 topics

  • Indicating Fax over IP Capability in SIP: AD sponsored. Published as RFC 6913
  • Telephone-Related Queries (TERQ): MODERN WG chartered.

IETF-84 topics

  • Combined Use of SIP and XMPP (CUSAX): AD sponsored. Published as RFC 7081

IETF-83 topics

  • SIP Traversal Required for Applications to Work (STRAW): STRAW WG chartered.
  • Media Stream Signaling (MESS): Dispatched to AVTEXT WG

  • Telephone-Related Queries (TERQ): See IETF-85.

IETF-82 topics

IETF-81 topics

  • Session-ID: INSIPID WG chartered.

  • BFCP for UDP: BFCPBIS WG chartered.
  • SIP Action Referral: See Remote Device, Call Control @ IETF-82.

IETF-80 topics

  • Reason header in responses: AD sponsored. Published as RFC 6432
  • RTCWEB: RTCWEB WG chartered.
  • VIPR: VIPR WG chartered.
  • SIP Action Referral: See IETF-81.
  • SIP Interconnect guidelines: No interest in chartering this work.

IETF-79 topics

  • DTMF Info: No WG interest in this work.
  • Telepresence: CLUE WG chartered.
  • BFCP for UDP: See IETF-81

IETF-78 topics

  • Session-ID: See IETF-81
  • Telepresence: See IETF-79
  • VIPR: See IETF-80
  • TEL URI WG proposal: No interest in adopting this work as is. The recommendation is to go back to the general problem and describe the use cases such that an optimal solution can be developed.

IETF-77 topics

IETF-76 topics

  • Session Recording: SIPREC WG chartered.
  • Domain Registration: MARTINI WG chartered (completed deliverables, closed March 9th, 2011)
  • Disaggregated Media: SPLICES WG chartered.
  • Alert-URNs: SALUD WG chartered.
  • Reason in Response: see IETF-80.
  • SIP Overload: SOC WG chartered.

IETF-75 topics

  • Sound level indicator (for conferences): Work item added to AVT WG charter.
  • Codec: CODEC WG chartered.
  • Common Log Format: SIPCLF WG chartered.
  • Call Control User-to-User Information: CUSS WG chartered.
  • Profile datasets (related to SIP configuration - from SIPPING WG): Work item removed from DISPATCH WG charter due to lack of interest.
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