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Interim meeting on 2018-02-17 (co-located with NDSS-2018)


Draft Agenda

Time Topic Presenter Duration
09:30 Welcome, Intro, Agenda Bashing Melinda, Dirk 10 min
09:40 Secure Open Federation for the Internet of Everywhere George Polyzos 30 min
10:10 Decentralized Computing Environments Michal Krol 30 min
10:40 Break (no refreshments provided)
11:10 Distributed Authenticated Mapping Sydney Li, Colin Man, Jean-Luc Watson 30 min
11:40 Blockchain as an Audit-Able Communication Channel Shigeya Suzuki 30 min
12:10 Distributed Name Rewriting Christian Tschudin 20 min
12:30 Lunch (self-organized)
14:00 NDSS DISS Workshop preview Dirk 20 min
14:20 Decentralized Internet Infrastructure: Discussion on research scope, use cases, next steps Melinda, Dirk 120 min
16:20 Summary, Wrap up, Next Steps Melinda, Dirk 10 min
16:30 End of Meeting


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Name Affiliation
Melinda Shore Fastly
Dirk Kutscher Huawei
Christian Tschudin Universität Basel
Carsten Bormann Universität Bremen
Michal Krol University College London
George Polyzos Athens University of Economy and Business
Sydney Li Stanford University
Shigeya Suzuki Keio University
Vishnu Ram Independent Consultant
Mat Ford Internet Society
Lijun Dong Huawei
Paul Hoffman ICANN

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