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Dime Working Group Last Calls

Here we list the current status of ongoing Last Calls and an archive of past Last Calls. You can also see the current running counter of received reviews during the Last Call for each document and pointers to an appropriate emails. Note that if the document does not receive enough reviews the chairs may decide to rerun the Last Call!

WGLC ending October 10, 2010

Comments and stuff will be found in issue tracker.

  • [h Diameter Extended NAPTR] -- Number of reviews/comments received 2/3. See the WGLC announcement.

WGLC ending August 16, 2010

This time we start using issue tracker(tm) for documents within WGLC..

The WGLC passed for the two document below. NAT Control application moves forward. The realm-based redirection has still few comments to tackle according to the Issue tracker

WGLC ending May 10, 2010

The WGLC has ended. Both documents will move forward.

The priority-avps draft received additional comments on 15th June 2010.