Design Team on Diameter Routing

Scope and History

The DIME chairs in discussion with Dan decided to create a design team with the intention to investigate extensions to the RFC 3588bis Diameter routing. More specifically, we had discussions about this subject triggered by the publication of that never got resolved and the impression of folks at the IETF72 meeting was that we have to investigate the usage scenarios and to develop a problem statement before we focus on the solution components.

The first product of the group will be a problem statement and usage scenarios description that will be presented to the DIME group. Other necessary activity will be decided based on the outcome of the above-mentioned deliverable.

The rules for design teams are described in


The design team members are:

  • Tina Tsou
  • Victor Fajardo
  • Jouni Korhonen
  • Tolga Asveren
  • Mark Jones
  • Avi Lior
  • Glen Zorn
  • Steve Norreys
  • Lionel Morand

The design team is lead by the working group chairs: Dave Frascone and Hannes Tschofenig

Mailing List

Mailing List archive can be found here:

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