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AAA Doctors Directorate

The purpose of this directorate is to review documents that have a relationship to AAA or where the main content of the document is on AAA and to offer constructive feedback on ongoing work in the IETF related to AAA (if desired by the respective working group, by the document authors, by a technical advisor, area director, or other persons seeking advice).

These pages have been last updated May 3, 2010. Old AAA Doctors Directorate pages can be found here.

Current members and their Activity Status

The AAA Doctors Directorate consists of the following members:

Name email Other interest areas Notes
Jari Arkko jari.arkko at -- Current Internet Area AD
Dan Romascanu dromasca at -- Current Operations and Management Area AD, the undisputed head of AAA Doctors Directorate
Hannes Tschofenig hannes.tschofenig at -- Currently part of IAB
Glen Zorn gwz at -- Chair of Hokey
John Zhao yuankui.zhao at -- --
David Frascone dave at -- --
Victor Fajardo vf0213 at -- --
Lionel Morand lionel.morand at -- Chair of Dime
Joseph Salowey jsalowey at -- Chair of Emu and TLS
Alan Dekok aland at -- Chair of Emu
Bernard Aboba bernard_aboba at -- Chair of RADEXT and Martini
Jouni Korhonen jouni.nospam at IPv6, Mobility, DNS, 3GPP EPC Chair of Dime
David Mitton david at -- --
David B. Nelson d.b.nelson at -- activity unknown
Jong-Hyouk Lee jonghyouk at -- activity unknown
Ahmad Muhanna ahmad.muhanna at -- activity unknown
Greg Weber gdweber at -- activity unknown

Mailing List

Current Secretaries

  • Jouni Korhonen - April 2010

Contact the AAA Doctors Directorate Secretary if you have anything to ask or comment related to these wiki pages or our work in general.

Past Secretaries

  • Hannes Tschofenig, David Kessens: August 2008 - now

Links to AAA Doctors Directorate meeting memos

AAA Doctors Directorate has a face to face meeting during each IETF meeting. If we happen to have something generally interesting topics to share with a wider public, we will put a meeting memos here.

Review Schedule

AAA Doctors Directorate will perform IETF wide document reviews for documents that enter IETF Last Call and somehow relate or have AAA impacts.

Document name & version Assigned reviewer Assignment date Due date Comments