AAA Doctors Directorate

The purpose of this directorate is to review documents that have a relationship to AAA or where the main content of the document is on AAA and to offer constructive feedback on ongoing work in the IETF related to AAA (if desired by the respective working group, by the document authors, by a technical advisor, area director, or other persons seeking advice).


The AAA Doctors Directorate consists of the following members:

  • Jari Arkko [jari.arkko at]
  • David B. Nelson [d.b.nelson at]
  • Bernard Aboba [bernard_aboba at]
  • Jong-Hyouk Lee [jonghyouk at]
  • Glen Zorn [gzorn at]
  • Ahmad Muhanna [amuhanna at]
  • Jouni Korhonen [jouni.korhonen at]
  • John Zhao [yuankui.zhao at]
  • Joseph Salowey [jsalowey at]
  • Hannes Tschofenig [hannes.tschofenig at]
  • David Frascone [dave at]
  • Victor Fajardo [vfajardo at]
  • Lionel Morand [lionel.morand at]

The following individuals expressed their desire to stay on the list as observers but do not have currently the time budget to be active participants.

  • David Mitton [david at]
  • Greg Weber [gdweber at]


  • Hannes Tschofenig, David Kessens: August 2008 - now

Mailing List

Review Schedule

Item 1 (created 24 August 2008): MBONED

At our IETF72 face-to-face meeting we had the impression that it would be useful to review the MBONED WG documents related to AAA since they had been reviewed by DIME/RADEXT members already and there were some concerns regarding the quality of the documents. The documents can be found here:

Item 2 (created 24 August 2008): draft-sun-dime-itu-t-rw-01.txt

This review item is assigned to Hannes Tschofenig since he has todo the review as part of the Security Area Directorate anyway.

Review done.

Item 3 (created 6 January 2009): "Software Hub and Spoke Framework"

The document "'Softwire Hub & Spoke Deployment Framework with L2TPv2" has gone to IETF last call: Has anyone taken a look at this document? It is available here: The document does seem to deal with a number of AAA-related issues, including limitations in RADIUS accounting.

Review assigned to John Zhao and Ahmad Muhanna. No review executed.

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