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Handling of requests without Priority indication

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In the current version, we have the following text:

When there is a mix of transactions specifying priority in request messages and transactions that do not have the priority specified, transactions that do not have a specified priority SHOULD be treated as having the PRIORITY_0 priority.

With PRIORITY_0 being the highest priority (PRIORITY_4 being the lowest priority).

If I'm correct, this implies that request with no priority info at all would be handled with the highest priority.

I think this is not correct. Current Diameter implementations make no use of priority info and using this mechanism should be a way to explicitly prioritize requests with priority indication compared to request without priority info. Otherwise, the priority indication would be only used to somehow enable the de-prioritization of some requests whereas all the other ones with no priority indication will have de facto the highest priority. This is more relevant from an agent point of view, in an early phase of deployment of this new priority mechanism, with few clients setting explicitly the priority in the requests and the rest of the clients not supporting the new feature and therefore no adding the priority info in the requests.

Keeping the idea of 5-value priority indication, the value PRIORITY_0 should therefore be the lowest priority level or, if the current order is kept, request without priority indication should be handled as having PRIORITY_4.

Another approach, which would enable explicit upgrade or downgrade of request priority handling, would be to define a range of e.g. 10 values for priority (e.g. 0 - 9) and to handle requests without priority indication as having the an intermediary value, e.g. value 4. It would mean that using the priority indication in the request, it will be possible to explicitly indicate if the current request should be handle with a higher or lower priority than existing requests without priority indication. It could be a way to indicate that a given request can be handled with a lower priority than all the other requests.

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