This page maintains a backlog of work that the WG has identified as highest priority to work on next.

Work Item Priority IESG Submission Status Related Work
Observe High Done IESG draft-ietf-core-observe
Block High 4Q/2014 WG Document draft-ietf-core-block
CoAP over TCP High 4Q/2015 New draft draft-bormann-core-coap-tcp, draft-tschofenig-core-coap-tcp-tls, draft-silverajan-core-coap-alternative-transports
Resource Directory High 1Q/2015 WG Document draft-ietf-core-resource-directory
CoAP Management Normal 1Q/2015 draft-vanderstok-core-comi
JSON Links Normal 4Q/2014 WG Document draft-ietf-core-links-json
HTTP Mapping Normal 1Q/2015 WG Document draft-ietf-core-http-mapping
SenML Normal draft-jennings-core-senml
CoRE Interfaces Normal 2Q/2015 WG Document draft-ietf-core-interfaces
CoAP Timeout Estimation Low draft-bormann-core-cocoa
CoAP Pub Sub Low draft-koster-core-coap-pubsub
CBOR Links Low draft-li-core-links-cbor
CoAP over SMS Low draft-becker-core-coap-sms-gprs
CoAP option extensions Low CoAP option extension drafts

The following priority levels are used:

  • High: This work item is high priority, and should be the next to try and progress through the WG
  • Normal: This work item is normal priority
  • Low: This work item is low priority, and would be nice to have, but should wait until higher priority work is complete
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