NOTICE: As of 2022-09-29 this Trac wiki is no longer maintained. Please see the CoRE WG Github page or the CoRE WG Github repository

CoRE WG Wiki

The CoRE WG was created out of the 6LowApp activity (see for historical information).

This wiki is used for collecting information that is not/not yet material for Internet-Drafts.

Use of version control repositories

Most of the current work on the WG drafts happens on the CoRE-WG github organization:

With respect to the mode of operation of the repository, the CoRE WG follows the lead of the HTTPBIS WG [add link here]. Specifically that means that github issues are welcome to record editorial issues as well as technical ones; as are "pull requests" (forks of the repository with fixes for an issue). However, technical discussion should not happen in the forums implicitly created by the issues, but on the WG mailing list.

Some older drafts are on the IETF CoRE SVN — the Repository Root is at:

CoRE Agile Backlog

We are a very active working group with a lot of personal draft submissions being maintained. In order to maintain common objectives for progressing work, the following page maintains an Agile backlog of work items that are the next highest priority for the working group. This page is to be reviewed and updated periodically (e.g. at IETF meetings). This is not however a formal tool of the IETF, and acceptance of a draft as a WG item follows normal IETF procedure.

CoRE Agile Backlog site

There is now a website for all things CoAP:


The WG has four completed specifications:

The IANA registries for these can be found at A more extensive list of option numbers and parameter values that also includes entries from drafts at various stages of progress is

A detailed discussion of the WG status is in draft-bormann-core-roadmap, which is updated roughly twice a year. The IETF tools page is at, including an up-to-date listing the current drafts and their status. IETF administrative information about CoRE is available from

ACE Activity

As a result of discussions in the CoRE WG in Berlin and Vancouver a new working group for Authentication and Authorization for Constrained Environments (ACE) was created. The link for the mailing list:

Some drafts of the ACE WG are on the IETF ACE SVN — the Repository Root is at:

ETSI CoRE Plugtests

As they are gaining significant industrial support, the CoRE protocols have been tested in more formal "plugtest" events organized by ETSI. More about these can be found at

The first of these plugtests took place collocated with IETF83 in Paris, March 2012. Some information about the result of the plugtest has been included in the Paris CoRE WG meeting slides, (starting at slide 7).

A second plugtest took place near the ETSI premises on Nov 28–30, 2012.

The third CoAP plugtest tested the final, approved version of CoAP and included DTLS and OMA LWM2M tests, taking place in Las Vegas on November 19–22, 2013: A quick summary of the results is at

The fourth CoAP plugtest, taking place in London March 2014, tested the base specification in conjunction with the final updates to Observe. A quick summary of the results is at

CoRE Plugfest at IETF-80 in Prague

CoRE will host a Plugfest event at the upcoming IETF-80 meeting in Prague on Sunday Mar 27th from 10-16. Both on-site and remote participants will be able to test and improve their implementations of draft-ietf-core-coap-05, draft-ietf-core-link-format-03, draft-ietf-core-block-02 and draft-ietf-core-observe-02. More information here. Welcome!

CoRE Plugfest at IETF-79 in Beijing

CoRE held a Plugfest event at the IETF-79 meeting in Beijing on draft-ietf-core-coap-03, draft-ietf-core-link-format-00, draft-ietf-core-block-00 and draft-ietf-core-observe-00.

CoRE Plugfest at IETF-78 in Maastricht

CoRE held two successful Plugfests in Maastricht on draft-ietf-core-coap-01 and other individual drafts. In total about 10 implementations were tested either on-site or remotely, thanks to everyone who participated!

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