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query for group

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A similar question exists for the "res" query parameter. For a group, does
this mean that the multicast address is being matched or a resource for some
endpoint in the group is being matched?

"res" is resource name, and I'm not sure exactly what that refers to elsewhere in the spec. I therefore presume it's a resource target attribute that the resource can be registered with and queried on. If so, we should provide an example.

You need to look at each of the items and determine what it means for each
lookup resource type and identity it for the reader.

Yes, good point. We need to enumerate more of the matrix with examples. I believe all of the cross product of query parameters and lookup types are legal and sensible, but will look it over again and provide some more examples.
After a little more thought, I think we should consider to include a table of lookup types vs. query parameters with pointers to examples.

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