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Initial MID on restart after blockwise transfer

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Doing tests on firmware updates using

  • a blockwise transfer (draft-ietf-core-block-20),
  • a random initial value of the MID (as recommended in RFC7252, 4.4. last part of implementation note),
  • I found on restarts short after such a transfer, a rather high probability of MID collision.

(This is obvious caused by having rather more MIDs in use, than in normal communication situations).

Therefore I would propose to add an implementation note in "draft-ietf-core-block" or/and "draft-ietf-lwig-coap" for proper handling of that situation.

On my experience there are two possibilities:
a: on graceful shutdown (after blockwise) store the last MID and load it on restart.
b: if on restart (after blockwise) communication errors occur, wait for at least EXCHANGE_LIFETIME to escape the “probable” MID collision. This may also be the strategy, when a fails to load the MID for any reason.

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