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#342 closed protocol defect (fixed)

Specify notation of IPv6 address in group membership configuration interface

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Currently (groupcomm-14), the format for the IPv6 address in the "a" values in section 2.6.2 is not clearly defined. This may lead to differences in implementation and mutual incompatibility.

Proposal: define the string format for the "a" value exactly.

One solution is to adopt the notation of RFC 5952 (recommended IPv6 Address Text Representation), e.g. [ff15::42:f7fe:ed37:ca]:8081

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In line with the rest of the I-D, IPv4 should also be supported besides IPv6.

Proposal is to add text like the following:
“... contains an IPv6 address or an IPv4 address in dotted decimal notation. The following ABNF rule can be used for parsing the address, referring to the definitions in Section 6 of [core-coap] and [RFC3986]:

group-address = IPv4address [ “:” port ]

/ IPv6address
/ “[“ IPv6address “]” [“:” port ]

Then there's also no need to mention RFC 5952 about textual representation of IPv6. Also this would solve ticket #340 due to inclusion of port number.

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New proposal: to better comply to the RFC 3986 URI syntax, which is used by core-coap, the notation with square brackets is mandatory for IPv6. This allows re-use of the parsing code for CoAP URIs for this purpose.

group-address = IPv4address [ “:” port ]

/ “[“ IPv6address “]” [“:” port ]

Done in [1508]

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