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#230 closed protocol defect

Put Location options in an envelope — at Initial Version

Reported by: hartke@… Owned by: draft-ietf-core-coap@…
Priority: minor Milestone: post-WGLC-1
Component: coap Version: coap-09
Severity: In WG Last Call Keywords:


Before the location in a response was split into multiple options, there was only one Location Option which was defined to be "elective". This worked well, because a client that doesn't recognize the option could ignore it without harm.

However, with the Location-Path and Location-Query options (and possible future Location-Host and Location-Port options), the client must either understand or ignore all of them. Expressing such interdependencies is currently not possible in CoAP.


Use an envelope "Location" option to contain all Location-* options, so they are ignored or used as a whole.


Reserve space in the envelope option so possible future Location-Host and Location-Port options appear before Location-Path and Location-Query options in a message.

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