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Resource discovery changes

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The comments received in the Maastricht meeting, and lots of hallway discussions made it clear that we need to take a different approach to the resource discovery section in CoRE. This ticket tries to summarize the changes needed:

  1. Make hosting a resource discovery end-point optional. Thus also removing the text "MUST be supported by a server for resource discovery" from Section 4.4. To make discovery work, if a host does enable resource discovery, it MUST/SHOULD? be on the defailt port.
  1. Do not mention DNS-SD, trying to explain how these interact just seems to be confusing to people.
  1. Do not mention multicast.
  1. Discussions with many people in Maastricht suggested that the Link Format definition, MIME request and well-known URI definitions should be defined in a separate "CoRE Link Format" draft. Thus the text needed for Section 6 of coap-02 would be just a short paragraph pointing to the other I-D. This new I-D would do the following:
  • Define the re-use of the nottingham-http-link-header format as a payload. Instead of re-defining the ABNF, just CoRE-specific link-extensions would be defined.
  • Use of the rel= to be considered, and CoRE specific values to be registered.
  • /.well-known/core to be proposed as the URI, as /.well-known/r was considered too short to be registered.
  • Request a MIME type for the format.
  • Remove the HTTP and Naming sections.
  • No references to DNS-SD nor multicast.
  • Remove multiple ct= values for now as we have no Accept feature at this time.
  • Clarify if the leading / is included (it is).

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  • The resource discovery section is now removed from coap-02 with a reference to a separate CoRE Link Format document.
  • The CoRE Link Format document defines an improved link-format, the /.well-known/core URI and the Internet media type for the payload. References to multicast and DNS-SD were removed completely. The draft is in progress and will be submitted with coap-02.
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