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     1= Trac Support =
     3Like in most [ open source projects], Trac support is available primarily through the [trac:MailingList mailing list] and the [trac: project wiki]. Both are maintained by the trac community. The [trac: project wiki] is the authoritative source for the TracGuide, consisting of the administrator and user guides for Trac.
     5There is an [trac:IrcChannel IRC channel] where online users can help out. Much of the 'live' development discussions also happen there.
     7You can search questions tagged with `trac` on [SO:tagged/trac Stack Overflow].
     9Before you start a new support query, make sure you have done the appropriate searching:
     10 * in the project's [trac:TracFaq FAQ]
     11 * in past messages to the [ Trac Users Mailing List]
     12 * in the Trac ticket system, using either a [trac:search:?q=&ticket=on&wiki=on full search] or a [trac:query: ticket query].
     14Please '''don't''' create a ticket in to ask a Trac support question. Only use it when you face a ''real'' and ''new'' bug in Trac, and do so only after having read the [trac:NewTicketGuidelines NewTicketGuidelines]. The more a bug report or enhancement request complies with those guidelines, the higher the chances are that it will be fixed or implemented promptly!
     17See also: [trac:MailingList], [trac:TracTroubleshooting], [trac:CommercialServices]