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     186=== draft-ietf-appsawg-file-scheme ===
     188The "file" URI scheme is woefully out of date. The document that defines it, RFC 1738, has been superseded by the generic URI syntax of RFC 3986, and the status of RFC 1738 is listed as "Obsolete". As such, the "file" URI scheme is viewed by many in the Internet community as being without a current defining standard, and in need of updating to match current standards and implementations.
     190This document defines an updated "file" URI scheme, promoting interoperability by being compatible with the generic syntax of RFC 3986, while enumerating commonly-encountered variations that have arisen during the scheme's long history of vague standardisation.
     1941. A normative syntax specification that defines a subset of RFC 3986 URI syntax that will be considered valid "file" URI strings, and sufficient to cover common "file" URI usage in the wild where it does not conflict with RFC 3986.
     1951. An informative section describing common syntaxes that are not compatible with RFC 3986, possibly with advice for translating to a compatible syntax.
     1961. An informative section that describes some common "file" URI usages and how they map onto underlying file systems.
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