Agenda, IRI BOF at IETF '76 Hiroshima

The primary agenda is to review the charter and discover the level of community interest.

See DraftIriCharter for draft working group charter.

Currently scheduled (see for latest) on Tuesday, November 10, 2009, 1520-1700 (JST, UTC/GMT +9 hours).

90 minute agenda

  • 0 minutes: Agenda Bash
  • 10 minutes, Masinter: Review of URI and IRI history & current documents
  • 15 minutes, Masinter & Duerst: Review of IRI draft(s) and open issues
  • 15 minutes, Masinter: Review of other drafts being coordinated with URI / IRI sections, and other committees, and schedules for these.
  • 15 minutes, Chairs: discussion of the mailto: issues.
  • 15 minutes, discussion: which documents can be ignored, which other documents added? what other committees involved?
  • 20 minutes, Masinter
    • Working group charter: Hum on charter section by section
      • GOOD "AS IS"
      • NEEDS WORK
      • NO WAY
    • Show of interest in work in working group
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