Draft Agenda:

o Administriva 5 minutes

o Welcome & BoF Goals - Chairs 5 minutes

o Charter Discussion 30 minutes

o Domain Registry Data Escrow specification

  • Francisco Arias 20 minutes

o Open Discussion 20 minutes

o Next Steps - Chairs & AD 10 minutes

Draft BoF charter:

Registration Data Escrow is the process by which a Internet Registration Organization, being a registry, registrar, etc., periodically submits data deposits to a contracted third party called an Escrow Agent. These deposits comprise all the data needed to resume operations if the registration organization could not function as a result of a catastrophe or a financial situation. The deposited data includes domain names, contacts, DNS zone information, etc. for a domain name registry or registrar. It is possible to escrow data related to internet numbers and/or routing too.

The purpose of data escrow is to permit quick resumption of registration service by another registration organization after a catastrophe. The goal is higher resiliency of registration services, for the benefit of Registrants and Internet users.

In the context of domain name registries, registration data escrow is a requirement for the current generic top-level domains and it is expected to be for new registries. Some country code top-level domain managers are also interested in implementing registration data escrow for themselves. There is also such a requirement for ICANN's generic top-level domain accredited registrars.

The desired outcome of this group is to have a mutually agreed specification of the contents and format of the deposits, allowing extensions for new services and objects.

The desired outcome of the BoF is to first determine the scope and interest in defining a protocol or data format for domain name registration data escrow that would support a working group with the above goal. Another desired outcome would be a determination if there is a wider application of this to other forms of Internet Registration Organizations, such as number resources, routing registries and/or others

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