Ideas for Revising and Extending WebDAV & friends

Spec Maintenance

  • Extract RFC 3253's REPORT method definition into a separate spec, so that it can evolve independently, and can be referenced by other specs in a simpler way. No changes proposed, except for adding examples and guidelines for defining new reports.
  • Extract RFC 3253's feature discovery properties (DAV:supported-live-property-set & friends). Potentially add a way to express the HTTP "Allow" response header in a WebDAV property, so that getting the complete picture about a resource doesn't require two method invocations.

Current Work

New Work

  • Harmonize JCR node types and DAV resourcetype. Define their mapping, and potentially facilities for discovery (linked resources, REPORT?) and even management (JCR 2.0)
  • Augment RFC 4316 (WebDAV datatypes) to better map to JCR datatypes, maybe revise on standards track? (was experimental)
  • Generalize the CalDAV/CardDAV multiget query for WebDAV
  • Push notifications for changes - probably relevant to HTTP as a whole - maybe Hybi takes care of it
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