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IETF75 Bar Bof: 6LowApp: Applications in resource-constrained networks


  • When: Tuesday, 28 July, 7:30pm - ?
  • Where: TBD


The 6LoWPAN and ROLL WGs are laying the groundwork to make the Wireless Embedded Internet a reality, but what application protocols will we use? Request-response protocols like HTTP are a poor fit to a communication model with battery-operated, mostly sleeping nodes. In addition, the usual data formats (both headers and body) are perceived to be too chatty for the 50-60 byte payloads possible in LoWPANs and to require too much code for the 8-bit and 16-bit processors dominating the Internet of Things. Still, it would be a mistake to start a new silo of application protocols that do not benefit from existing application area Internet experience.

Topics for possible considerating in 6LowApp:

  • An application protocol solution for embedded context transfer using appropriate interaction models and a compact binary format, while still supporting key principles of the web such as resources (URLs), content types (MIME), statelessness, proxy support etc.
  • Protocol design support for the ZigBee?/IP effort, especially for the needs of Smart Energy and standardization in this area at the IEC.
  • Service discovery protocol optimization (e.g. SLP) or creation

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